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Synonyms for upright

Synonyms for upright

at right angles to the horizon or to level ground

directed or pointed upward

having or marked by uprightness in principle and action

Synonyms for upright

a vertical structural member as a post or stake

a piano with a vertical sounding board

in a vertical position


of moral excellence


Related Words

upright in position or posture

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'When you are in traffic, try to maintain an upright position and do not put your phones on your lap, but to the level of your head to operate it,'' he further counselled.
During the last year, Upright Labs developed Lister and Local alongside partner Goodwill regions, the largest secondhand reseller in the USA, to solve the increasing difficulties facing e-commerce operations.
"The emphasis of our initiative is to give service to the financially strapped workers who are not able to afford this technology," said Dr John Graham, owner and CEO of American Upright MRI.
In the wild, western lowland gorillas have been observed sometimes walking upright in order to reach food or wade into swamps.
Some upright freezers come in no frost models so there is no need to bend down and hunch over to defrost and clean your freezer.
Professor Peter Brocklehurst, from the University of Birmingham, who worked on the study, said: "If you look at the evidence saying upright is best, then yes, it should be questioned."
The company's FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI (aka Stand-Up MRI) scanner is reportedly the world's only MRI scanner licensed under FONAR's multiple UPRIGHT MRI patents to scan all the patient's body parts in their normal multiple, full weight-bearing UPRIGHT positions.
"Ambam and his sister have a particular talent at standing and walking completely upright on two legs."
Joe Oxley, District Manager Middle East and North Africa, Instant Upright commented: ''We are delighted to provide the very first quick erect system ever sold in the Middle East and especially pleased to work with such a prestigious company as SEC.
Apart from a wooden upright at each corner, you will need uprights for every 1.8-2m of the structure, not only the sides but the middle as well plus an extra upright to take the door.
They are available in three models: 14.5 cubic-foot upright, 20 cubic-foot upright, and 23.3 cubic-foot chest.
In The Forever War, Dexter Filkins introduces us to Lt Col Nathan Sassaman, an American officer in Iraq who so exemplifies the virtues of hard work that "he slept in his boots." Sassaman came from upright stock and had upright credentials, "the son of a Methodist minister and a graduate of West Point." In the early days after the invasion of Iraq, Sassaman emerges in Filkins' eyes as "the most impressive American field commander in Iraq."
Neck rolls: Standing upright, make slow clockwise rotations of your neck.
Until now it was believed the characteristic human foot and ability to walk upright on two legs emerged around 1.9m years ago.
Last month the Chronicle told how veteran Richard Upright didn't qualify for a pension despite more than 12 years' service and is demanding equal rights for all ex-servicemen.