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  • verb

Synonyms for upraise

to move (something) to a higher position

Synonyms for upraise

cause to become alive again

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The Palestine and Occupied Arab Territories Sector's statement pointed out that the main reason behind the Land Day Upraise, was the Israeli authorities seizure of 21 thousand donum of lands from (1 donum = 1000 square meters) Arraba, Sakhnin, in eastern Acre, in the lower Galilee, Deir Hanna, in the southeast of Acre, and Hula Valley, in order to be allocated to the Jewish settlements in the context of Judaizing the Galilee.
- OIC ministerial meeting on women affairs opens in TehranC* Ahmadinejad: Reviving woman's rights to support the global upraise.
As per the survey on search engine, the efficient link building services is one of the major contributors to upraise the ranking in the search engine result page therefore Aditech SEO Services is planning to apply all the advanced strategies of the link building to optimize its client's websites.
"It is up to parents to upraise their kids with social ethics and do not let them bear harming tools with them".
To develop cottage industry in target areas, woman farmers are being trained to make olive products by utilizing their own fruit to upraise their standard of living.
He warned that he will direct party cadres to launch upraise if conspiracies are carried out to topple the government taking advantage of the transitional phase.
The collaboration upraises the relations of the two brands, bringing a touch of HUF fashions.