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IT costs more than pounds 22,000 a year to send a boy to upper-crust Harrow School.
And the tone shifts back and forth from Mike Leigh-inspired kitchen-sink drama to upper-crust BBC soap opera.
POSH Sarah and her husband James can both lay claim to impeccable upper-crust credentials.
Post-pic, the crowds braved monsoon-type weather to feast and dance at the gala party at the Old Billingsgate Fish Market, which was decked out with glamour and glitter befitting the Brit upper-crust theme of the film.
Why the BBC persists in devoting time and resources to filming a bunch of upper-crust students paddling down a muddy river is a mystery.
She shields the identity of her upper-crust informants so completely that she transforms them into bland composites spouting boilerplate sentiments.
Slated for release in November 2006, "Flushed Away" is the story of Roddy, an upper-crust "society rat," who is rather rudely evicted from his Kensington flat when he is flushed down into Ratropolis, the bustling sewer world found under London's streets.
THE APPRENTICE BBC1 9pm Grumpy old Lord Sugar (right) tasks the candidates with choosing products to sell at the upper-crust Royal Bath And West Show.
Her other voices match each individual's background, from Date's husband's farm family to her own family's upper-crust snobbishness.
Let's hope Wigan, whose game could feature on Sky TV, can treat the upper-crust of English football to a healthy serving of humble pie
Upper-crust star of I'm A Celebrity, Lord Brockett, revealed how he once became addicted to the little blue pills, chewing them for hours on end.
But she told the mag, now trying to shed its stuffy upper-crust background: "I love what I do.
Three different groups of women--young, naked models; relatives of the artist and veterans of her past performances dressed in brightly colored tunics; upper-crust Turinese women dressed in tunics of a color between beige and tawny yellow--sat on glass chairs facing a glass table.
His performances in Vanity Fair and Far from the Madding Crowd turned him into a heart-throb, but now he's back in his fans' favourite role - that of upper-crust detective Inspector Lynley.
UPPER-CRUST Tories who haven't been seen for years are suddenly flooding into the House of Lords in a desperate bid to keep their seats.