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transfer a file or program to a central computer from a smaller computer or a computer at a remote location

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That's why we're excited to announce the extended rollout of Reddit video beta, which makes it easier than ever for redditors to capture, upload, and share videos and gifs with all their favorite communities.
The authorities should also list the penalties and action that will be taken if someone uploads a video whose content is not right.
Typical dynamic worksheets are loan-payment calculators and pivot tables, whose data adjust when their underlying information changes; there's no need to upload a whole new worksheet.
After a picture or video is captured, the Photobucket Mobile application automatically uploads the image to the user's Photobucket account.
Ascend Uploader is a flexible, easy to use file upload component that gives customers a high-performance tool for uploading files to a web server without the need to refresh the page.
These factors include, without limitation, slower file delivery speeds depending on the upload and download speeds of the underlying internet service used with Digital Fastball, the nascence of the Digital Fastball service and the possibility the market for file delivery services such as Digital Fastball may not materialize or grow as quickly as expected, the possibility that the Digital Fastball service may not meet user expectations, and various external factors, including economic, political and other global conditions that may impact the demand for Intraware services generally.
Akamai's Media Delivery solution offers a dynamic upload service to provide VideoEgg the entire infrastructure for handling user uploads.
With the Share-It service, Amp'd Mobile subscribers will be able to upload images to online communities ranging from Flickr and YouTube to Buzznet, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, MSN's Windows Live Spaces, Textamerica, Webshots, Pikeo and/or Moblog.
Uploads automatically resume from the point of failure in the event a dropped connection, eliminating user frustration.
With thousands of successful video uploads now enjoyed by families at The Family Post, VideoPost is now being offered as a permanent part of DPI's media sharing platform which includes other web tools like Qwik-Post(SM) designed to continuously improve the Web 2.
The mobile video server offers carrier grade performance and supports all common types of web and mobile video uploads, downloads and viewing.
Image uploads to 3FotoAlbum are free of charge as part of the subscriber's flat-rate data package.
ECS combines the benefits of real-time check authorization and risk mitigation services with back-office image uploads, resulting in improved cash flow and reduced risk.
com Offers Free Video Uploads to All Aspiring Professional Athletes