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transfer a file or program to a central computer from a smaller computer or a computer at a remote location

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Small businesses who have, lets say, up to 500 invoices in a month can upload it online.
At the time, only a select number of communities were able to upload video natively onto the site.
Once you install the application you simply select the device in which you want to upload media files.
Thanks to this great boost of Broadband upload speeds, Batelco business customers will enjoy an unsurpassed Broadband experience in addition to many other applications with no extra charges.
Sue Coleman, 45, of Calabasas plans to upload stories about her young sons' sports triumphs.
The other choices in that menu are Pivot Table functionality, which allows you to display pivot tables, and AutoRepublish option, which automatically uploads to the site any revisions you make in that workbook.
If you have cable or DSL, standard for most smaller businesses, your upload speed is less than desirable, and you just aren't going to want to hold business meetings this way.
With over 100 million registered members, Photobucket users upload over four million images and videos per day from the Web, Smartphones, and connected digital cameras.
I used to upload a lot of videos on YouTube every month when I performed with my band or went for public speaking events.
Batelco, the Kingdom's leading Broadband services provider is delighted to inform its business customers that they can now benefit from upload speeds which are up to four times faster with upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps.
com)-- Due to the newly-introduced feature, the users of 4shared can now upload either separate files or the whole folders, if they need to, without creating archives.
Log-on and join the DPNW group, and use the website to upload snaps of anything interesting.
Users can also beam, e-mail or upload files to other PCs or handhelds.
To add graphics, sound or a multimedia file, go to the Upload Multimedia File box and type in the name of the file you want.
Ascend Uploader is a flexible, easy to use file upload component that gives customers a high-performance tool for uploading files to a web server without the need to refresh the page.