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a transmission from Earth to a spacecraft or the path of such a transmission

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The 5G Super Uplink solution proposed by China Telecom and Huawei implements the time-frequency domain aggregation of TDD and FDD in the uplink frequency band.
In section III we have derived the general expressions for the UE association probability cases, using multi-slope path loss model as it is a key parameter in assessing the uplink network performance in particular.
In this work, a sleep control mechanism is designed in our scheme, which enables a station to terminate the sleep mode immediately after an uplink bursty frame is generated.
With the described methods and systems, the guard bands in the uplink spectrum can be harvested and put together as composite channels.
Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc., a world provider of high-power amplifiers, manufactures a wide variety of tube-based and solid-state power amplifiers for military and commercial satellite uplink applications.
Two gigabit Ethernet ports for larger uplink bandwidth of Surveillance
The Uplink platform is asset agnostic, allowing participants to onboard multiple assets onto a distributed ledger and manage balances.
The Zyxel XGS4600 Series 28-port Gigabit Layer 3 Managed Switches with 4 SFP+ Uplinks each carry a standard 2-year warranty and are available now through all Zyxel authorized resellers and e-Commerce partners at an MSRP of $1,900.
The rest of this paper is arranged as follows: section 2 presents the multicarrier signals characteristics, in section 3, the peak-to-average power ratio techniques are described using selective mapping and partial transmit sequence techniques, while the PAPR distribution is presented in section 4, the proposed PTS based LFDMA uplink system model for PAPR reduction is analyzed in section 5, section 6 presents the computer simulation results and section 7 concludes the paper.
South Korean mobile carrier LG Uplus announced that they were the first cellular carrier in the world to deploy uplink 2 carrier aggregation technology (UL 2CC CA) on a commercial network.
China Mobile, along with Huawei and Qualcomm announced the completion of the industry's first commercial verification of Uplink Data Compression (UDC), a TDD technology, on a LTE TDD commercial network.
29 April 2015 - US-based NanoTech Entertainment (OTC: NTEK), has completed the acquisition of mobile application developer UpLink., the company said.
Khavn told the Inquirer that Uplink specializes in arthouse films and that the theatrical release in Japan is set "sometime next year."
Also, Intelsat's terrestrial network, IntelsatOne, is providing an uplink from Intelsat's Fuchsstadt, Germany Teleport with fibre contribution from Bratislava and a provision for disaster recovery uplink services.
Malaysia Airlines will reduce its fuel costs with SITAOs FMS Wind Uplink service Malaysia Airlines aims to reduce fuel costs on 40 aircraft, including their A380 fleet, with SITAOs FMS Wind Uplink service.