upholstery material

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the fabric used in upholstering

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But the upholstery material looks like it's been designed by somebody who has taken an illegal substance.
The flow-rack includes 82 gravity conveyor lanes, with each lane dedicated to one specific seat type, style, color, and upholstery material. Each lane has a capacity of 7 pallets stored end-to-end.
Priced at PS24,495, the Advance also introduces Tahara, a new upholstery material that the company says is an attractive alternative to leather.
exhibition of woodworking hardware and machinery, board and panel products, upholstery material, wood components, supplies, services and new technologies this year.
Instead of a real airplane, we obtained some burn-tested synthetic (i.e., not leather) upholstery material left over from an interior refurbishment project.
The guy says, deadly serious, 'Oh no sir this is not upholstery material' at which point Dad pipes up 'Is that why you had it made into a shirt then?' We leave the confused man as we exit the shop giggling.
Like the sinners, saints, and monsters that people medieval art, Quardon's flying serpent encased in folkloric upholstery material, her river of fishnet, fiberglass, and resin, and her silk-screened movie heroine crying crystal tears meandered with impunity between fact and fantasy.
Well, for the more practically minded among you, leather is the strongest upholstery material known to man and outwears most fabric upholsteries many times over.
The issue of textile upholstery material is less clear-cut -- the textile covering is a component of the regulated upholstered furniture.
Prices range from $2 to $3 a yard for some closeouts to over $100 a yard for imported mohair upholstery material. The idea is to clarify the decorator and design world of fabrics, according to Cole.