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Synonyms for uphold

Synonyms for uphold

to move (something) to a higher position

to keep from yielding or failing during stress or difficulty

to sustain the weight of

to aid the cause of by approving or favoring

Synonyms for uphold

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Supreme Court upholds President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election.
7 December 2011 - Silence Therapeutics Plc (LON:SLN), a UK-based biotechnology research and development company, said on Wednesday that the European Patent Office (EPO) decided to uphold the company's European Patent EP 1 536 827 "Further use of protein kinase N beta" at an oral hearing held on 6 December 2011.
And that's probably the best possible outcome, one that -- at last -- upholds both the law and common sense.
This history suggests that a principled form of libertarian judicial activism--that is, one that consistently upholds individual rights while strictly limiting state power--is essential to the fight for a free society.
Landlords for rent-stabilized buildings would gain more power flexibility if the state's highest court upholds a decision that allows owners to increase rents as long as they made building improvements and can document those expenses.
Readers of Catholic Insight should beware: Anyone who steadfastly upholds the historic and true teaching of the Christian church on the grave depravity of homosexual acts could soon end up in jail as a prisoner of conscience.
Even if the decision upholds Chapter 2 aid, it may tell little about how the court would rule on vouchers.
Within the realm of reason, the Court not only upholds corporal punishment (Ingraham v.
A June 17 ruling by the Supreme Court upholds Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules to regulate food "adulterants.
WASHINGTON -- The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), specializing in constitutional law, today said it is pleased that a federal appeals court has rejected a request to rehear a Ten Commandments case out of Kentucky which upholds the constitutionality of a Commandments display in Mercer County.
Suppose the Ontario Superior Court upholds the Brockie ruling and orders the Durham District Catholic School Board to allow Hall to attend the prom with his gay partner.
The decision by the New York Court of Appeals upholds the position of the State Attorney General regarding the validity of gaming laws passed by the NY Legislature in 2001, including provisions for class III casino gambling on lands in the Catskills to be held in trust by the United States Government for Indian tribes.
Obviously, the city enforces laws reasonably, uniformly and upholds a person's constitutional rights,'' said City Attorney David Hirsch.
LOS ANGELES -- Judge Upholds Glendale City Council Approval of Caruso Affiliated Town Center; Rules EIR Meets All State Requirements
Describing the open primary as ``a perversion of what the Constitution has provided,'' Schroeder said that if the court upholds the open primary he will ask the party's Rules Committee to examine ``every caucus and convention system in the country, both Democratic and Republican,'' to find the best way to prevent Democrats from voting to select Republican nominees.