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Synonyms for uphill

Synonyms for uphill

not easy to do, achieve, or master

Synonyms for uphill

the upward slope of a hill

sloping upward

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Taking off uphill requires the energy for a standard takeoff roll; plus, if you use the entire runway, the kinetic energy equivalent of hauling your aircraft's gross weight up to the top of a seven-story building.
Even though the yatra officially beings in ten days, pilgrims have already started undertaking the 32- kilometres long uphill trek.
If one of us makes it on to the individual podium as well, that would be a first at an uphill champs and would be a great achievement."
Mrs Uphill said that at around 5pm on January 4 this year she had an argument with Samuel outside her home.
An uphill slope soon levels out and we pass a wooden gate (and bridleway) on our right-hand side to follow the track back to the A171.
8 Cross over the ford at the bottom of the valley and head back uphill. Bear right back up towards the car park to finish the walk.
There is a paucity of data on cardiovascular responses to an uphill and the downhill walk at [+ or -] 15% gradient.
Salahuddin, the author of "Uphill", was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and lived in Abu Dhabi for several years before moving to America.
Therefore, persons with flatfoot may not be able to sustain their body weight during prolonged uphill and downhill walking.
I am a pensioner, in my late 70s, and a carer for my husband who has dementia and who cannot possibly walk uphill to the number 10 bus stop.
The endurance event, which takes place on April 9, will see 200 participants swimming "uphill" via 420 metres of canal water and eight lock gates.
SIMONSIG remains a possible contender for Cheltenham, Aintree or Punchestown honours despite fighting "an uphill battle" to get back to the track.
8 December 2015 - Chinese investment consortium Uphill Investment Co has closed its acquisition of US-based chipmaker Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.'s, the companies said.
The second area is a further 600m walk - from here spectators can watch the cars negotiate a series of sweeping and tightening bends before a fast uphill section to crest the climb.