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lift forcefully from beneath

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Rushing against time, he must talk to the animals, cross over into the afterlife, and upheave the world's governments in the process.
(24.) Anticipated in Byron's poem: "I felt as on a plank at sea, When all the waves that dash o'er thee, At the same time upheave and whelm, And hurl thee towards a desert realm" (553-56).
But if they make it seem that this great upheaval did not, after all, upheave very much, this impression is countered by the many parts of the book in which Killingray quotes African testimony.
It is sign of the upheave ls at Liverpool over the past few years that at 26 Carragher is now the longest-serving player at Anfield.
From the soil of slavery itself have sprung forth some of the most brilliant productions, whose logical levers will ultimately upheave and overthrow the system.
15 "Immediately the mountains huge appear / Emergent, and their broad backs upheave / Into the clouds" (Milton 7.285ff).
For example, Business Day (06.12.11) writes in a news analysis that "the idea that the developing world can hold off from making commitments under any new legally binding agreement that comes out of the United Nations climate change talks, in Durban and afterwards, is fast fading." While the stalemate between the US and China in the negotiations has been seen as an obstacle for years, the 'out-dated worldview frame' upheaves the blame-frame to an ideological struggle in which the definition of developing vs.