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Synonyms for upheaval

Synonyms for upheaval

a momentous or sweeping change

Synonyms for upheaval

a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally)

(geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building)

disturbance usually in protest

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But the defenders of the 1970's liturgical upheaval are now under massive attack.
In times of denominational loyalty and in times of denominational upheaval, the SBHS has kept on chuggin'.
The Power of God against the Guns of Government: Religious Upheaval in Mexico at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century, by Paul Vanderwood.
The area has a long history of geologic upheaval. Some 100,000 years ago, the rocky landscape was a sandy beach at the edge of an enormous inland sea.
This period of junk reading is only temporary, one wholesaler told the Post rather dolefully; an understandable escape from the continuing social upheaval. "Maybe in five more years," he hoped, "we'll go back to reading Tolstoy."
The political, economic, and social upheaval that has been the subject of worldwide attention over the past four years has had an effect on both the health care system and on the professional and personal lives of the physician managers involved.[1-4] While virtually all expressed positive feelings, and even exhilaration, at the changes, a frequent comment was that there is now "more freedom but less money," a disruption of the supply systems, of central planning, and of authoritarianism.
We will, when this is over, have changed the structures, conduct, and raison d'etre of large industrial organizations; changed the relationships between businesses; changed the governance role and accountability of senior management; changed the role of stockholders; and improved large company productivity--all with great political and social upheaval. One result will be a permanently altered relationship between employees and large employers.
Mass communication has played a role in what Marshall McLuhan astutely called communications," and business communicators likewise have been affected by the globalization of what I call the "world." The communicators of the Sixties did not have to concern themselves with political upheaval in Eastern Europe and were instead focused on political upheaval in Berkeley, Calif.
Chief executive Gilbert Gargour said on Thursday the weeks of upheaval that ended president Hosni Mubarak's three-decade rule on Feb.
Summary: French police arrested 138 Tunisian migrants on Wednesday, clearing out an illegal squat in Paris as unease deepened in France over an influx sparked by the upheaval in North Africa.
He added: 'The risk (is) that political upheaval and weaking of institutions could weaken sovereign willingness to service debt.'
Summary: The Government's plans for the NHS introduce "significant institutional upheaval" without really changing its aims, according to MPs.
It examines the consequences of the upheaval of Asia's industrial geography that accompanied the burst of globalization in 1995-2008 by analyzing industrial trends, patterns, and national manufacturing capabilities after 1985.
A switch from the Oneworld airline alliance to its rival SkyTeam would create unnecessary ''upheaval'' for troubled carrier Japan Airlines Corp., the spokesman for Australia's Qantas Airways Ltd.
The upheaval of the South Birmingham bus routes was promoted as providing more routes to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital.