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Panel 2, "Aesthetic Lineage and Originality," had three more famous poets it might make me upchuck to name.
ADVENTURE as alien form Upchuck exclusively in the Nintendo DSO version.
The bridge, the remains of it, a pulpy section of undigested roadway, slanted down, held by steel rods that looked like veins, shreds, a mass dark and without form, the whole confabulation nothing but the sea's upchuck. A chill sank in at my throat, the dead, cold hand of a loved one--somebody's loved one--pressing against me.
Ben's cast of alien heroes also continues to grow as he uses the Omnitrix to unlock Upchuck and Ben Wolf and all their amazing powers.
If you've an insatiable taste for the grotesque, gorge yourself on this summation of Gyorgy Palfi's worldview--make that worldspectacle--wherein speed eating champs gobble and upchuck slop ad nauseam, cats lap at their dead owners' eviscerated guts, and the carcass of a pig satisfies hungers far beyond the breakfast table.
There is more freedom of expression in America than in any other country in the world, which is why Bousman and Roth can get away with their upchuck. But no one could accuse them of good timing.
A company touting a line of just-for-kids regurgitation vessels has finally solved the vexing question of how to get the youngsters to aim their upchuck at someplace other than the back of Mom's or Dad's head.
A year ago I couldn't call myself a poet without having to suppress a resolute upchuck. But now, although I know I'm no Walt Whitman, I like the tone of my verse, the mood that overcomes me, and the ability to condense and slam-dunk those feelings onto an empty page.
We only ask that you do the object of your desire the courtesy of making sure there is a handy loo nearby, upchuck, for the use of.
Most of us want to get our driver's licenses so we can stop bumming rides from our parents, but Zoe wants hers so she can be in control of stopping the car when it's time to upchuck.
That you'll become so physically ill, that your stomach will upchuck everything you've eaten since you were in the 1st grade.
You take someone who has had virtually no wine and give them a bottle of Two-Buck Upchuck and they will never try wine again.
Why can't I get that portion of the human race to which I have access to understand that it has been systematically gulled, hoodwinked, if you will, had enough smoke blown up its kilt to refloat the Lusitonia, by disingenuous egalitarian bunkum, into believing "Everyone is Entitled to His or Her Opinion" when, in truth, everyone is only entitled to his or her informed opinion; and all the witless upchuck devoid of fact or common ratiocination is merely the chittering of intellectually-arid hominids swathed in Old Navy shmatahs.
The streets of Cardiff, for instance, are still colonised by suppurating piles of discarded take-away food (many having dwelled for a spell in the human digestive system before being chucked away by upchuck) and other foulnesses; and that's on a good day.