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Notoriety surrounded Upchuck, who claimed to have escaped a mental institution before becoming a hustler.
There is more freedom of expression in America than in any other country in the world, which is why Bousman and Roth can get away with their upchuck.
A company touting a line of just-for-kids regurgitation vessels has finally solved the vexing question of how to get the youngsters to aim their upchuck at someplace other than the back of Mom's or Dad's head.
A year ago I couldn't call myself a poet without having to suppress a resolute upchuck.
We only ask that you do the object of your desire the courtesy of making sure there is a handy loo nearby, upchuck, for the use of.
Most of us want to get our driver's licenses so we can stop bumming rides from our parents, but Zoe wants hers so she can be in control of stopping the car when it's time to upchuck.
That you'll become so physically ill, that your stomach will upchuck everything you've eaten since you were in the 1st grade.
You take someone who has had virtually no wine and give them a bottle of Two-Buck Upchuck and they will never try wine again.
Why can't I get that portion of the human race to which I have access to understand that it has been systematically gulled, hoodwinked, if you will, had enough smoke blown up its kilt to refloat the Lusitonia, by disingenuous egalitarian bunkum, into believing "Everyone is Entitled to His or Her Opinion" when, in truth, everyone is only entitled to his or her informed opinion; and all the witless upchuck devoid of fact or common ratiocination is merely the chittering of intellectually-arid hominids swathed in Old Navy shmatahs.
The sound was so guttural, it sounded like he would upchuck at any moment.
On several missions, I saw terrified yet resolute souls discretely upchuck their lunch while awaiting take-off into the unfriendly skies.
Food poisoning used to mean a tummy ache, a mad clash for the Immodium A-D, or a ticket to Upchuck City.
And then they vanished, like Minoan civilization itself, sometime between 1628 and 1480 BC, in volcanic upchuck, seismic shock, killer tsunamis, poison gas, falling ash and repressed memory.
and recalls that Obasanjo's own Africa Leadership Forum is incorporated in New York, the good-idea celebrations may begin to turn somewhat sour and could cause many in the academic world, for all its own pride and pleasure in lower-profile Festschriften, to upchuck.
In fact, if I hear the word 'empowerment' one more time I'm going to upchuck.