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The Italian has been chided in some quarters for breaking the unspoken rule of not criticising players in public but Westwood says he speaks for the dressing room when he says Di Canio's demands are exactly the same as those of the Sunderland stars he is upbraiding.
Traders also had to digest news from the weekend meeting of Group of 20 finance ministers, which avoided upbraiding the government of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for introducing measures that would have the knock-on effect of driving down the yen in a bid to help manufacturers.
The public upbraiding was another blow for Toulouse-based Airbus after their big rival Boeing got the 12th Dubai Airshow off to a flier on Sunday when it signed a $26 billion deal with Emirates, the largest deal in the US company's history by dollar value.
I would like to see the umpire upbraiding persistent offenders, cautioning them and if they fail to comply, then they forfeit the match.
"Simon raised the hackles of many of the 4,000 assembled machers," Beiser recounts, "by upbraiding them for not doing enough for poor urban blacks, who he said, in calculatedly agit-prop phrasing, were suffering 'a Holocaust in slow motion.'"
And then, since Judith invariably tried to be fair and always looked at both sides, she found that she was now firmly upbraiding herself for hypocrisy in this matter.
It went well for Netanyahu, whose last visit to the White House several months ago saw him receive a harsh upbraiding
The council would have been given a stiff upbraiding by the inspectorate and may have had to pay costs, etc.
Precious Ramotswe is the head of the titular agency, a Botswanan outfit specialising in finding lost dogs, righting insurance frauds and upbraiding philandering husbands.
Kulongoski spokesman Rem Nivens said that while the public upbraiding was unprecedented, the governor would continue to embrace both his Catholic faith and his public advocacy for abortion rights.
For the first time since interest rates were cut last August - and as I recall it for quite a few months before - David Frost at the British Chambers of Commerce refrained last week from upbraiding the Bank of England for failing to cut interest rates.
Tom Lantos, D-Calif., upbraiding executives from U.S.