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Synonyms for up-to-the-minute

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for up-to-the-minute

up to the immediate present


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While the chart was accurate when prepared it may not have reflected timely changes, and so we urge all readers to check with their state dental authority to determine up-to-the-minute status on whether dental assistants are permitted to place sealant and what education may be required.
Tactical decisions, the drivers of day-to-day operations, require up-to-the-minute information, and feeding this information into the corporate data warehouse has unique data-loading requirements.
Enhancements in Envisient 2.0 include the ability to track activities occurring in the online storefront and to store this information in the (CRM) module in real time, allowing clients to maintain up-to-the-minute records on a customer's search and buying habits.
While some have moved on to more up-to-the-minute technologies, others, committed to the oldest art, are attempting to push their work toward a more radical questioning of painting's ancient and enduring subject matter--painting itself.
To expedite dissemination of up-to-the-minute information, from its inception Emerging Infectious Diseases has published articles online ahead of print.
The Web site provides up-to-the-minute reports, starting Christmas eve.
Real Time Banking provides customers with instant access to their money and up-to-the-minute account information.
As a result, the bank's clients benefit from up-to-the-minute research in making investment decisions in the region.
The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill., and its partners, for example, expect to receive $3.84 million over 3 years to develop systems that would allow physicists to receive up-to-the-minute data from particle accelerator experiments anywhere in the world.
Among the innovative technology on the ESR 4000 is the on-board Access 1-2-3 control system, developed by Crown, which monitors all of the key truck control functions and provides operator and service technicians with up-to-the-minute information via a display.
Subsequent papers from Hyung-In Shin, the chairman of the Korean Tire Manufacturers Association and president of Kumho Industrial, and Pong Kee Paik, former chairman of the Korean Rubber Institute, will provide up-to-the-minute analyses of the Asian tire industry.
It runs on your desktop and delivers up-to-the-minute scores and highlights from nearly every game played that day.
A highly sophisticated content solution, the Veracity service provides access to the best in up-to-the-minute news and business content enhanced by such features as rights management, topical selection and publishing toots while allowing individual web sites to maintain their consistent look and feel.
This year's website will feature real-time news, audio, video and web camera action to provide an up-to-the-minute experience and present spectators around the world with coverage of the world famous event.
MediaGopher at www.mediagopher.com, is a customized up-to-the-minute on-line directory for film, video, TV and new-media professionals.