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Synonyms for up-to-the-minute

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for up-to-the-minute

up to the immediate present


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com is the premiere source for positive, up-to-the-minute national news in America today.
The ENN newsroom generates up-to-the-minute programming throughout the day, which includes general news, business, sports, market updates, weather and traffic information, as well as building specific tenant notices.
The company's web-based GlobalTrak technology revolutionizes SIU reporting, communications and program management, providing clients with real-time case and program information and up-to-the-minute quantitative reports.
The ENN network is a unique narrowcast network that delivers, through the Internet, up-to-the-minute news and information to the business community via 12.
com, a leading provider of up-to-the-minute traffic information via the Web, email, and wireless devices, announced today the introduction of Route Retriever, a web-based application designed for freeway drivers to find the quickest and shortest routes around traffic congestion.
Attention data is gathered by the Attensa Feed Server which generates reports that can be used to streamline communication workflow, identify "must read" news feeds and articles and develop prioritized up-to-the-minute flow of critical business information.
com, a leading provider of up-to-the-minute traffic information via the Web, email, and wireless devices, announced today that radio station KCRW-FM is its latest media partner to start using Sigalert.
The service automatically follows-up until people follow-through on their outstanding tasks, detailing all progress in a master checklist for up-to-the-minute status updates.
Transportation centers can use the solution to make up-to-the-minute changes to scheduling information, while large retailers can remotely manage promotional offers displayed at every store across the enterprise by simply using a Web interface.
The new service is an online dashboard that provides easy-to-use tools for clip analysis and up-to-the-minute media measurement reports available at anytime, from anywhere covering any time period up to one year.
Attensa Mobile helps users get more out of their Web enabled mobile phone or PDA and stay on top of up-to-the-minute RSS news and information anywhere.