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the property of belonging to the present time

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After obtaining this data from the simulator, the following QoC parameters were quantified: Up-to-dateness, Coverage, Precision, Completeness, and Significance.
Everywhere the scholarly up-to-dateness of the secondary sources used in the discussion is a notable feature.
The players' activity during the official full-sized competitions (final tournaments of the European and World Championships or of the Olympic Games) offers up-to-dateness information to the specialists, say I.
This depends on a combination of multiple factors, including up-to-dateness and reliability but also the receiver's needs and existing knowledge.
It is a report on the current stage of an on-going process, and its up-to-dateness, enriched by the perspectives of an accomplished historian, is one of its most impressive features.
Neither the demands of the European Central Bank in terms of coverage, up-to-dateness and harmonisation, nor the Commission's demands for structural data have been satisfied'.
But Eliot's charge that the nineteenth century was not modern enough is only superficially an argument about up-to-dateness.