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a small increase

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For them, the reported up-tick in polls showing America's young believing Jews are guilty of deicide demonstrates that whatever the fruits of interfaith understanding, such endeavors are now past midlife, slated for early interment.
Annual facility investments are likely to grow 17.6 percent this year boosted by the up-tick in the second half.
One key reason for the significant up-tick is the increased number of applications submitted by firms which have never before filed ANDAs.
The up-tick in truck share was helped by the PT Cruiser, Sprinter, Durango, Caravan, Town and Country, and Pacifica, but the Dodge Magnum, as a new 2005 unit, did much of the heavy lifting.
There are now some indications that many mills have reached the point where the technical bench strength in the workforce has disappeared, and an up-tick in entry level hiring of engineers is anticipated.
The average click-through rates for all ads served by both advertisers and publishers were stable during all three quarters of 2004, with an up-tick of 11% from Q2 to Q3.
Sure enough, over the next few years we saw a big up-tick in the amount of venture capital."
Outgoing APCA President Max Nichols of Jomax Construction told attendees that "though the last two years have been down ones in the pipeline market, things are starting back up in 2004--there is definitely an up-tick in the cycle.
Unlike the Midwest or regions of the South, where space is available for stockpiling, land in the Northeast is just too expensive to set aside a couple of acres to stockpile material in hopes of an up-tick in the price.
With recent, adjusted outlooks of shipments by vendors, and a gradual expected up-tick in the economy in 2003, the high tech market research firm expects final 2002 chipset shipment figures to surpass 35 M, for a growth rate of about 250 percent.
However, rather than signaling the beginning of a steady recovery, the National Association of Printing Leadership (NAPL) forecasts that the up-tick is part of a peak and valley trend that has been prevalent of late.
Except for a 1.2% up-tick in April this year, non-oil domestic exports have been slumping since January last year.
This situation is due to the structural reforms put in place by the Member States, even though they are still to be completed;- following a noticeable up-tick in January 2002 to 2.7%, headline inflation has since shown a gradual declining trend.
With time, I think this could be another massive loan-bailout situation brewing, and the first up-tick in interest rates would likely be when much of this will start to come undone.