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an upward stroke from the tip to the heel of the bow

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For fast notes in Andante the abovementioned bowstroke where two notes are shortly detached in an up-bow has a very good effect.
The notes must be perfectly equal in power and duration and succeed each other in such a manner that in changing from the down- to the up-bow or the reverse no break or chasm may be observed [author's italics].(15)
He later adds that ~the punto d'arco can most easily be made with the up-bow from the point of the bow up to the middle'.(40) As his music example confirms, he is referring to the staccato in a single bowstroke at a moderate tempo, which other authors designated by dots under a slur or strokes under a slur.
A sharply detached bowstroke would certainly be possible with the first bowing, but the subsequent version makes this much less likely; Mozart would have been well aware that the down-bow produced a different, less crisp staccato thean the up-bow.
A sense of relief was palpable as a final scramble finished with the inevitable flourish of an up-bow and enthusiastic applause from a generous audience.