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open the zipper of

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Unzipping polymers could also produce adhesives that can be 'turned off'.
Unzipping the Digital World is available as e-pub for Kindle, priced at USD49.99, or in hardback, priced at USD64.99, from TM Forum's online bookstore, onsite at Management World 2012 and at future TM Forum events, as well as from Amazon.com.
3 displays the characteristic unzipping time for 3 different DNA hairpin lengths, 7, 9, and 10 by (squares, triangles, and circles, respectively) as a function of the applied voltage (13).
Red or green fluorescence signals would appear and disappear, indicating distances between the probes during unzipping.
You can also view the contents of archived files before extracting them, giving you the option of unzipping only the files you need.
All this is done on the fly, which means the zipping (compressing) and unzipping (uncompressing) are done automatically and behind the scenes.
Out of this phallic fire is immortality forged, like the time Sam expressed his displeasure at some out-of-focus rushes from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid by getting up, unzipping, and pissing a large yellow S on the screen.
PMMA, on the other hand, decomposes by a rapid unzipping process.
The ad for the perfume shows Keira photographed on a bed and the photographer unzipping her clothes after which she is shown covered by a bed sheet and lying near the photographer.
Forfar Athletic midfielder Barry Sellars, 28, was found guilty on Tuesday of unzipping his trousers and asking the 14-year-olds to perform a sex act on him after a drink-fuelled team night out.
Miss Taylor was filmed dropping to her knees and unzipping her boyfriend's trousers before performing a sex act next to the playhouse cinema in Perth.
Ammonium fluoride, an acid, etches away jagged kinks on one face of the crystal, "unzipping" lines of atoms from the edges of the overlapping silicon layers.
There is also a slight danger when files are compressed and decompressed (also called zipping and unzipping): In some instances, a few bytes of data may be altered or lost, which is why it's always prudent to keep an unzipped copy of the original data on a floppy disk.
This chemical one-two punch attacks single and multiwalled carbon nanotubes, reacting with the carbon framework and unzipping them in a straight line.
WORKING with Zips has sometimes been complicated, but ZipMagic 2000's novel approach makes zipping and unzipping child's play.