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open the zipper of

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Michael unzipped his chinos and I registered something amiss.
Available in a variety of rich silky fabrics and dozens of colors, in sizes from XS - XXL, the dresses in the Unzipped line have been designed for every type of occasion - from the formal church wedding to barefoot on the beach.
When the idea for a TV show came through, which was Unzipped, we''''d never worked together before but we thought we''''d give it a go.
When the idea for a TV show came through, which was Unzipped, we''d never worked together before but we thought we''d give it a go.
Pc Louise Davis, who is investigating the case, said: "This was a particularly malicious robbery as the two victims were asleep in their tent when two offenders approached the tent and unzipped it, shining a torch into the eyes of the victims.
Another takes them to the Festival of the Sound in Parry Sound, ON, for a July 28 performance of Carmen Unzipped.
When Horton saw the man was standing over the unzipped purse, she threatened to shoot his ear off.
Real Estate recently brokered a seven-year, 8,272 s/f transaction at 1071 Avenue of the Americas for Unzipped Apparel, a private label garment manufacturer, which manufactures clothing for household names such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Levi's, Perry Ellis and Izod.
When unzipped, they are approximately the size of a grocery bag with a small pocket sewn into the top for valuables.
Our study is unique in that we were able to look at the activity of single molecules and correlate how many participate in the process when the DNA is being unzipped or not," says principal investigator Taekjip Ha, professor of physics at the Univ.
The two new companies - Unzipped Theatre Co and State of Flux - will be showing their work on the same night at Liverpool's Unity Theatre in 30-minute performances.
Asda removed all copies of this week's 'Men unzipped special' edition of More
Giving his monochromatic works titles like Unzipped, Contributed to the Air, Flickering Memory, and Mashed Potatoes (Still Collecting), Bruno Jakob evoked a range of images, from the abstract to the richly figurative, as well as a web of allusions to the history of painting.
GRAHAM Norton has already unzipped football and the royal family, and this week it's the turn of our favourite pastime of all, television.
The unzipped sequence of DNA then serves as a template for building a matching strand of RNA.