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open the zipper of

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By designing these traps to fail upon meeting certain triggers like light or acid, scientists can control exactly how and when their polymers unzip.
When downloading new apps, WinZip makes it simple to unzip and install apps delivered as .zip files from Android app stores.
Women and girls from civil society including communities representing the voices from young women, female sex workers, transgender women, women who use drugs and women living with HIV came together under the umbrella of the Unzip the Lips.
"We spent a lot of time putting it together and choosing the repertoire, and thought about what would 'unzip' me and unzip the Carmens I've done.
Just unzip your jeans or pull up your skirt, move your undies aside, press it snugly against your stuff and let 'er fly.
Some foaming agents produce moisture as a byproduct of decomposition, causing the polymer chain to "unzip," leading to a loss of physical properties.
The more you zip and unzip, the more those numbers start to climb.
He and his dressers unbutton and unzip, unlace and re-tie in a frantic, frenzied unison.
Scientists have argued for years about whether it takes a single protein or multiple proteins to unzip DNA.
If Jeremy Hatrack should unzip his backpack The next time we go on a hike, Would he take out a spider, a balsa-wood glider, Or maybe a folded-up bike?
Fully redesigned UI makes it easier to navigate, manage, zip and unzip files
3 - Download Odin 3.09 > Unzip the.zip file again > Launch Odin.
The panels, which are the visible surface of the system, zip into the rails (and unzip for access and cleaning).
"Yes, I have to unzip sometimes and show my body, and that can be very disturbing.