unwritten law

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law based on customary behavior

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The unwritten law requires that a security officer shall not arrest their colleague in arms for minor offences and shall deal with each other with leniency.
There was, in my day, the unwritten law of common sense.
Overzealous soldiers had reportedly seized commuters' cell phones and, at the extreme, beaten them up for 'violating' the unwritten law on the use of phones at army checkpoints.
OSPREYS...........................13 NORTHAMPTON..............26 THERE is an unwritten law that no one should ever read too much into a pre-season friendly, and especially the first one of the summer.
THE biggest unwritten law on our high streets is don't insult the customer.
31, it was an unwritten law that at the stroke of midnight all the members of the family should be together at home.
Stress is so unnecessary, according to the most fundamental unwritten law in the KE[micro]lsch dialect: "Et kE-tt wie et kE-tt!" -- it comes the way it comes, the saying goes.
On the water I fish, the unwritten law calls on us all to exercise restraint.
Football's unwritten law is that you do not criticise in public and most managers, most good managers, would not have followed John's example.
uses the phrase "law of nations" to refer to the unwritten law
In other words, general hand washing was not mandated by the Law of Moses itself but was a custom included in the oral law which is here called "the tradition of the elders." The Pharisees are strong proponents of this body of unwritten law, which by the time of Jesus has developed into 613 precepts.
Lutz, FL, November 11, 2014 --(PR.com)-- While covering the murder trial, Hurston recalled her work in the timber camps of North Florida, where she had discovered the practice of “paramour rights.” This unwritten law of the antebellum South allowed a white man to take a “colored” woman as his concubine and force her to have his children.
UNWRITTEN LAW: Tenants in Makkah vacate flats for Haj pilgrims, In return, they pay a lower than market rent for the remainder of the year.
They leave the good guys alone, it's kind of an unwritten law."
No, there is some kind of unwritten law that anybody who wants to make his home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.