unwritten law

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law based on customary behavior

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On the water I fish, the unwritten law calls on us all to exercise restraint.
It is an unwritten law of the property market that if you are looking to sell, it is simply not worth investing in any costly home improvements.
Football's unwritten law is that you do not criticise in public and most managers, most good managers, would not have followed John's example.
law of nations" to refer to the unwritten law of nations in
The Pharisees are strong proponents of this body of unwritten law, which by the time of Jesus has developed into 613 precepts.
8221; This unwritten law of the antebellum South allowed a white man to take a “colored” woman as his concubine and force her to have his children.
The Sharq daily quoted Qotbi as claiming this ban is an unwritten law that has been observed in the city for more than 10 years.
They leave the good guys alone, it's kind of an unwritten law.
No, there is some kind of unwritten law that anybody who wants to make his home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
There is an unwritten law in P that no one should oppose [Hazare].
legislature) and at least a portion of its unwritten law (such as rules
There is one unwritten law at the highest level of football.
As the titanic (above) began to sink on April 15, 1912, the captain ordered women and children first to the lifeboats--a command long considered an unwritten law of the sea.
Michael Palin's many achievements include the instigation of an unwritten law of British TV--if you're making a travel programme, you need a comedian to host it.
The idea of saving "women and children first" has been described as "the unwritten law of the sea".