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Antonyms for unwrapped

not yet wrapped or having the wrapping removed


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Food Unwrapped: Chaos At The Checkout C4, 8pm On average, more than 50,000 tonnes of food pass through British ports every single day from the EU, which has led to fears about what will happen when we leave.
A BRAZEN burglar who unwrapped presents, stole jewellery and ruined a family's Christmas has been jailed for four years.
Sharing her excitement, the 21-year-old star took to her Instagram story on Thursday and flaunted her unwrapped Christmas gifts under her golden tree.
Put an unwrapped gift into a reusable cloth bag, which can be reused as a carry or shopping bag.
Members of the Naperville Park District Police invite the community to contribute new, unwrapped toys for the 2018 DuPage County Toys for Tots program, hosted by the U.S.
An open-access behavioral ethics curriculum created at the University of Texas at Austin called Ethics Unwrapped examines case studies of ethical dilemmas in medicine, sports, entertainment, scientific research, and foreign policy through snappy videos meant to appeal to younger people.
Drawing from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship and the ancient well of Christian tradition, "The Bible Unwrapped: Making Sense of Scripture Today" by Meghan L.
One dish was seen partially unwrapped as the owner was about to empty its contents.
We would like to inspire you to shine with a bottle that can be the perfect gift to any party or celebration as it can be unwrapped like a present,' said Absolut global communications director Gaia Gilardini.
The elites would often hold 'Mummy Unwrapping Parties', which, as the name suggests, had the main theme in which a Mummy would be unwrapped in front of an energetic audience, cheering and applauding at the same time.
"Just as I was singing the praises of @LidlUK and their wonderful unwrapped veg, I come across this monstrosity - 'naked onions,'" read a tweet by David Rose.
As it is obtained through numerical operations based on the arctangent function, the phase is wrapped into the interval [-[pi], [pi]] and needed to be unwrapped to retrieve the actual nonwrapped phase [34].