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not wounded

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Buckingham saw that De Wardes was on the point of being again covered by a wave; he passed his left arm, safe and unwounded, round his body and raised him up.
Unwounded, the boma and the flames might have turned him back; but now the pain and the rage wiped caution from his mind, and with a loud, and angry roar he topped the barrier with an easy leap and was among the horses.
But as it was, down I went, stunned, indeed, but unwounded. Others, of both sides, were beaten down and slaughtered above me, so that I never recovered my senses until I found myself in a coffin (an open one, by good luck) placed before the altar of the church of Saint Edmund's.
The supporting car managed to escape, while the contravening one and the other unwounded guy were arrested, according to our correspondent.
The unwounded robber fled, but he was identified as Elvin Tolliver, "a registered sex offender with warrants out for his arrest before the break-in," reported Fox 13.