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Synonyms for unworldly

Synonyms for unworldly

of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things

Synonyms for unworldly

not concerned with the temporal world or swayed by mundane considerations

not wise in the ways of the world

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Fifty Shades of Grey, first published in 2011, told the story of the steamy relationship between Christian Grey and "unworldly, innocent" literature student, Anastasia Steele.
All credit to them, especially George Haddad who played the slightly unworldly villain of the piece, Henri Colline and his muse Caroline Paroo, the librarian played by Karrele Honein.
The unworldly young lawman falls in love with a wealthy senorita and must confront her hateful and arrogant father.
Peshawar Zalmi captain Darren Sammy showed just how committed he is to the leadership task given to him when he won the match on one leg with, hitting two sixes and a four in the last seven balls, and Tamim agrees that the West Indian is unworldly.
She is - as she now knows all too well - just a naive, unworldly woman who failed to consider the seriousness of drugs laws in other countries.
Apart from his unworldly talent on the basketball court, LeBron James is also perhaps best known for his durability, evading any significant injuries thoroughout his career.
Ever since I was planning this journey, I was dreaming of riding on these remote off-road routes and wild camping in this unworldly and deserted landscape.
Trade rules are not in the sole ownership of their civil servants or professional politicians who may be timid or unworldly.
Paul Spare appears to be exasperated at the very mention of such an unworldly, unworkable idea (Letters, PE August).
Aside from Roberta--played by Woodard with a guileless, unworldly air --the other characters are all realistically drawn and performed under director Lileana Blain-Cruz's eagle-eyed direction.
The premise for this new series is that the rightful King/Queen of Great Britain is also a superhero with magical powers who defends the country against ferocious unworldly creatures, historic invaders and traitorous kinsmen.
Alas, you do not hear that unworldly final note in One Moment In Time (the story doesn't allow it!) but you know, if given the chance, she would make it no problem.
Alas you do not hear that unworldly final note in One Moment In Time (the story doesn't allow it!) but you know, if she was given the chance, she would make it no problem.
Pickaboo, a Blue-eyed White Sphynx, looked equally unworldly while waiting to be judged.
The 53-year-old retired school teacher was less than tickled with the antics of good-looking sadist Christian Grey and unworldly innocent Ana.