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Synonyms for unworldly

Synonyms for unworldly

of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things

Synonyms for unworldly

not concerned with the temporal world or swayed by mundane considerations

not wise in the ways of the world

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The unworldly university professor had no idea of his colleague's past when he took up the job, I can reveal.
Indeed, most of them sang along with the enraged words to many of the evening's 19 songs, even though Manson's unworldly vocals were barely discernible for all the racket.
It is, of course, debatable how many of the gory details Chalmers shared with Dewar or whether the locations of the incidents would have rung any bells with the unworldly First Minister.
And he recalled how Sarah belittled Andrew's sexual prowess, branding him unworldly and stupid compared to Bryan.
I can sympathise with them, because gyms are strange unworldly places; sort of exercise pens for the future.
We are the dirty old man of Europe," says 57-year-old Livingstone, about to become a father by Emma Beal, the woman he snared when she was an unworldly twentysomething.
It is easy to see how the SNP might appeal to a churchman, since their policies are so unworldly.
troops from Vietnam, the simple story concerns unworldly former Viet Cong soldier Tan, whose brotherly loyalty to his dead comrade Thai compels him to make the arduous journey to transport the soldier's remains to his birthplace for burial.
Never have our children been more poorly schooled and yet, at this time, it is suggested that we should consult the naive, the ill-educated, the inexperienced and the unworldly to 'make our nation a better place'.
Being unworldly, she forgets to take a jerrycan and the guy at the petrol station doesn't have one either.
Tory former Chancellor Ken Clarke said of the archbishop, "He's just one of the most unworldly men I have ever met, together with being one of the most intelligent and plainly one of the most saintly, and he has got himself into an absolutely classic British row and has angered a lot of people because they have all been persuaded that he has been talking about bringing back the stoning of women for various moral offences, and so on, which plainly he is just about the last person on earth to contemplate.
Each week, six challengers will be whisked off to the remote Scottish hideaway of the Raven, a mysterious character with unworldly powers.
I was so stupidly unworldly, he was so sure of himself.
I visualised him in his ivory tower, too absorbed in biological studies and literary output to be aware of the wicked world outside - an unworldly old boffin with no idea how things work out in the cut-throat world of multinationals and global capitalism.
Yelland - and his unworldly cronies - asked whether Tony Blair was the "most dangerous man in Britain" in The Sun's xenophobic anti-Europe campaign.