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not womanly

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But this display of love and devotion means less than nothing to him; far from embracing this undeserved expression of loyalty on her part, he disdains such behavior as unwomanly when the page narrates her own tale as if it were that of a hypothetical sister.
According to her effeminate husband, for whom the novel is named and through whom most perspective is focalized, George Mandeville is vulgar and unwomanly, her body is overlarge and unappealing, and her novelistic output (perhaps as a consequence of her physical excesses) is meaningless tripe.
Cresswell himself focuses on the reproduction of the spatial hegemony in the chapter "Putting Women in Their Place," a case study on a women's peace camp in Great Britain; it examines why and how the peace activists were represented--in newspapers and the media--as being unwomanly and totally out of place "at the front" (136).
I felt unwomanly and different all the time - I hated anyone seeing my two little fried eggs.
Micheaux uses contemporaneous notions of gender as a way of naturalizing positive and negative character qualities as manly or unmanly, womanly or unwomanly.
If this hasn't happened after four ceremonies, she's judged unwomanly and sent to clean toxic waste.
Rose's corrective and unelaborated response, "I don't think you are right" (50), illustrates his distaste for her unwomanly interruption and reflects the low esteem with which he regards her capacity to understand art at all.
33) Serving your family food straight from the can or the package seemed to indicate an unwomanly interest in providing for your family; hence a proliferation of recipes which "doctored up" processed foods and which required additional kitchen work in order to serve the very foods that were supposed to be more convenient.
Indeed, it seems that Graglia's main objection to mothers' involvement in "market production" is not the time spent away from children but the unwomanly traits associated with it.
Alternating between anxiety and defensiveness about her unwomanly interest in politics, she justifies her patriotism finally in sentimental terms, as love of a daughter for a mother.
When challenged first as being shrill, or unwomanly, for using negative political advertising, the accusation was believed to hold because she offered no reason for entering the political discourse.
Ellen's self-assessment in this exchange resonates against conduct book prescriptions that align "selfishness" with unwomanly displays of self-interest.
I did all that last time and it made me feel so miserable, so unwomanly.
Bronte's sense of passion, is, as distinct from "sentiment," too powerful and hence too unwomanly for Lewes.
There were also others who considered her voice to be too strident and unwomanly.