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Synonyms for unwitting

Synonyms for unwitting

Synonyms for unwitting

not done with purpose or intent

not aware or knowing

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unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge

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Nay, thou know'st it not, And all unwitting art a double foe To thine own kin, the living and the dead; Aye and the dogging curse of mother and sire One day shall drive thee, like a two-edged sword, Beyond our borders, and the eyes that now See clear shall henceforward endless night.
OEDIPUS The State around An all unwitting bridegroom bound An impious marriage chain; That was my bane.
He it was who had stood with Roy Blanchard alongside the automobile on the day she had wandered, sick and unwitting, into strange neighborhoods.
All unwitting, Drummond sat beside Catherine, talking settlement work, as the auto, honking methodically and dodging traffic, swung in a wide curve to get around the apex.
Theobald lent him unwitting assistance, and, as we have seen, to impress upon her that I was actually his attendant, and as ignorant of his past as the doctor himself.
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque recently said some human rights groups have become "unwitting tools" of drug lords to destabilize the government.
President Rodrigo Duterte's top lawyer said two Cabinet officials were merely 'expressing concern' when they said that human rights group may be 'unwitting tools' of drug syndicates to destabilize the government.
Summary: Power ultimately corrupts and ordinary Iranians have become unwitting victims of Tehran's shady deals in the Middle East.
Trump's campaign dismissed former CIA official Michael Morell's accusation that the GOP presidential candidate Ronald Trump is becoming "unwitting agent" of Russia, saying he was well known one of the Obama administration's public response team after the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.
Facebook is coming under scrutiny in Myanmar as an unwitting platform for a rising tide of hate speech following a new wave of Buddhist-Muslim bloodshed in the former junta-run country.
Minister for Justice Michael Keenan is warning older Australians not to become unwitting drug mules in overseas travel scams.
Now it is a bunch of bigoted reality TV shows that take advantage of unwitting rural people who TV producers use as tools.
It sounds, on the face of it, as if there has been some kind of disturbance in a Chinese community, whereas the owner of a Chinese supermarket was the unwitting host to two stupid men trying to knock one another unconscious in what was, in all other respects, the middle of a Welsh district.
New Florida law has turned thousands of unwitting foreign tourists into illegal drivers State officials in Florida plan to amend a new state law that has turned thousands of unwitting foreign tourists into illegal drivers and may make it hard for them to collect insurance claims if they get in auto accidents while visiting the state.
CALLOUS East German officials sold unwitting patients to western companies as unwitting guinea pigs in drug trials.