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Synonyms for unwitting

Synonyms for unwitting

Synonyms for unwitting

not done with purpose or intent

not aware or knowing

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unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge

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The unwitting Cheska gave off the most natural and hilarious response to the prank.
Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation," Morell said, in an article in which he endorsed Trump's rival in the Nov.
The 35-year-old shocked his best mate, unwitting groom Luke Davies, and his equally unsuspecting bride, Kate Davies, with a four-minute rap paying homage to his childhood friend.
When he goes rogue to halt some CIA shady business, unwitting and hot mechanic Cameron Diaz gets roped into his crazy adventures and laughs and action ensue in fine style.
There was certainly an element of fortune in the second of Lech Poznan's goals in their 3-1 Europa League win, with City defender Dedryck Boyata heading the ball against the unwitting Manuel Arboleda before the ball nestled in the bottom corner.
Unwitting Zionists: The Jewish Community of Zakho in Iraqi Kurdistan, by Haya Gavish.
I'LL think twice about using my supermarket loyalty card again after catching the first episode of black comedy cop caper Vexed, in which a serial killer used database details to stalk his unwitting victims.
I was an unwitting guinea pig in both these experiments and no one asked for my eight-yearold opinion.
Dyfed Powys Police Chief Constable Ian Arundale was driving an unmarked car when the unwitting motorist raced by.
Such vehicles are then often sold on illegally to unwitting buyers.
Failure to comply could lead to fans being seriously overcharged for tickets which are simply not valid and unnecessary disappointment as unwitting fans are turned away.
A GP accused of having an affair with his receptionist while treating her unwitting husband for depression yesterday spoke of his regret.
But many unwitting bathers will he sharing the water with Ihe gallons at raw sewage generated by-busy coastal towns.
Hughes stored the drugs in his unwitting grandmother's outhouse while he operated as a dealer.
The only challenge is to make it "fun" or otherwise compelling for the unwitting person.