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Synonyms for unwished-for

Synonyms for unwished-for

not welcome

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(167) She, too, believed abortion hurt women's equality: "Every woman knows that if she were free she would never bear an unwished-for child, nor think of murdering one before its birth." (168) Finally, Alice Paul, the author of the original Equal Rights Amendment ("ERA"), opposed the later development linking the ERA and abortion.
suggestions of things unborn and unwished-for recede
Either by establishing some enforcement mechanism that can put an end to unwished-for behavior or by rearranging the set of incentives by introducing deductibles.
The unwished-for well appeared in their living room in Howell Street, Pontypridd on August 13 last year, after a flash flood overloaded a culvert.
The drive of a terminally ill person to end his unwished-for life should trump the desire of his neighbors to keep him alive.
For most women of all ages the choice is between two evils, either giving birth to an unwanted child or ending an unwished-for pregnancy.
(The Latin alphabet, now viewed by pan-Iranists as part of the pan-Turkic plot to absorb the Tajiks, was not considered.) A flood of independent newspapers and magazines, some already printing articles, poems, and teach-yourself columns in Arabic script, carried the public into an unexpected, and largely unwished-for, independence in 1991.
Thus, if we are "forced" to accept some painful or unwished-for result, we perversely think we have a reason to act so as to avoid that result.