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  • verb

Synonyms for unwind

Synonyms for unwind

to cause (a line) to become longer and less taut

to take repose by ceasing work or other effort for an interval of time

Synonyms for unwind

reverse the winding or twisting of

Related Words

separate the tangles of

become less tense, rest, or take one's ease

cause to feel relaxed

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According to our simple model the dimensionless angular velocity thus only depends on the winding angle which will change with time because this angle is different for layers that are unwinding from front towards rear edge and those that are unwinding as the unwinding point moves from the rear towards front edge.
velocitis are expressed in units of unwinding speed:
One reason for this is that higher rates will cause the unwinding of the so-called carry trade used by hedge funds to purchase Japanese equities by borrowing at close to zero percent interest rates.
The International Conference on Web Handling has announced a "call for papers." For its eighth conference, topics of interest include: longitudinal dynamics and tension control; lateral dynamics and control; out-of-plane dynamics; winding and unwinding; wrinkling; measurement of physical properties; sensors and signal processing; slitting and runnability; and air support conveyance.
I like Doctor Rubber Funk -it's my type of unwinding music.
The long-awaited unwinding of the loss-making arm was announced on Monday, and will bring to an end a four-year joint venture.
The unwinding of the Columbia/Arlington joint venture brings to the forefront the fate of other whole hospital joint ventures and the status of enforcement efforts under Rev.
Quickly unwinding a complicated portfolio that contains exposure to all manner of risks, such as that of LTCM, in such market conditions amounts to conducting a fire sale.
"Here's a gene that affects the unwinding of DNA," says coauthor George M.
Another bullish risk might be Fed Chair Powell's speech on Friday amid speculation he could refer to slowing down the unwinding of the Treasury balance sheet.
The discontinuous F350 can be equipped with winding and unwinding rollers.
Mark Gregory, Group Chief Finance Officer said: This unwinding of the 1 billion of CDOs has been executed effectively, and delivers 100 million of capital efficiency.
There are several types of winders common to the rewinding and unwinding processes.
Global Banking News-February 7, 2014--ING and Dutch State complete unwinding of IABF
While the government continues to crack down on resistance to unwinding and pirates continue to flood the black-market with runaway unwinds, there are also rescued teens who actually want to live divided, as well as newly discovered underground communities--both for and against unwinding--that emerge.