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  • verb

Synonyms for unwind

Synonyms for unwind

to cause (a line) to become longer and less taut

to take repose by ceasing work or other effort for an interval of time

Synonyms for unwind

reverse the winding or twisting of

Related Words

separate the tangles of

become less tense, rest, or take one's ease

cause to feel relaxed

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The ability to hold a constant tension on the spindle separates Delta ModTech, and we are also able to unwind low tension applications.
By visiting Barclaycard Unwind, customers can enjoy access to ticket reserves for must-see gigs and one-off live sessions with some of the UK's most in-demand artists, Fee Free Fridays, pre-sales for the biggest and best events, fast-track entry, and the ultimate entertainment experiences.
We have determined that it is possible to safely unwind yarn from packages with alternating layers of radius of 150 mm and in some circumstances even 120 or 100 mm.
The tests monitored heart rate, blood pressure and physical tension and discovered that the top four ways to unwind were:
More than half of Midlanders questioned (56 per cent) said gaming was a better alternative to TV and helped them to unwind at the end of the day.
sleeping better, learning to unwind, releasing some of the stress that builds up.
Although the work was very difficult, he found it as a way to unwind from the stress of police work.
Were the euro to unwind, it would harm European capital markets, political situations, etc.
Tambay says the challenge is to obtain an "aggressive" cling and yet be easy to unwind from the roll.
Thanks to an historical experience gained in the winding field, especially with the SWIFTENS tension controlled hank winding system, Fadis was the first company to develop the SINCRO RFM SW rewinding machine with precision crossing and electronic yarn guide with a tension controlled motorized unwinding device with "a la deroule" system to unwind the "FAPP(tm)", "MUFF", "BOBBINS" and "HANKS" on their various feeder supports with the "a la deroule" system at a speed of up to 1.
Ms O'Byrne singles out communities including Cressy and New Norfolk as extended high schools which Labor will unwind.
Additional standard features include separate AC Vector drives to provide differential draw between each winding drum, a shaftless unwind with dual pneumatic brakes, motorized chucking to accommodate various unwind core lengths, and unwind roll pickup from floor.
In this particular transaction to unwind an interest rate swap, the Texas urology group had been quoted an unwind fee of $1,518,000.