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Synonyms for unwieldy

Synonyms for unwieldy

difficult to handle or manage

Synonyms for unwieldy

difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape



difficult to work or manipulate

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lacking grace in movement or posture

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The governor's media aides also observed that unwieldy number of political parties is invariably encouraging corruption in the country, pointing out that some criminally minded persons merely establish fake political parties in order to perpetrate Advance Fee Fraud, generally referred to as 419, in order to defraud unsuspecting persons and corporate organisations within and outside Nigeria.
our correspondent believes bins are unwieldy, dangerous and expensive.
The system replaces separate intercom units and unwieldy dialing procedures within the 16-story building.
The ersatz patriotism dresses up, but does not entirely obscure, the incomprehensibility of the unwieldy structure beneath, which is held together with bicycle chain.
This situation made the management of the BMD elements complex and unwieldy and achievement of a fully integrated system impossible.
While the Status team may disappear into nothingness, not even both the Foundation/Pig Wood teams can absorb all of that unwieldy hair.
At a time when the construction industry was very volatile, it was unwieldy.
The festschrift is a notoriously unwieldy and ultimately unsatisfactory genre.
OTTAWA -- The large and unwieldy, Department of Human Resources Canada has been broken up into two departments.
While the 18th and 19th centuries introduced steering levers, wire-spoked wheels and hand rims, many chairs were awkward and unwieldy.
Because this middle-aged Government is fat, corpulent, portly, unwieldy and grossly overweight.
As I read in the July/August 2003 issue of the Humanist the reactions from eminent people whom I respect very much, I realized that if all revisions were adopted we would have a manifesto so long and unwieldy that we would end up reverting to the bulkiness of previous documents.
The paperback is somewhat heavy and unwieldy, but music fans will cherish it, and the amount of detail provided as well as the discography makes this useful for reference too.
Our FileMaker Pro databases not only helped us eliminate the manual and unwieldy key-ring-and-nail-board method, they allowed us to expand our tracking system exponentially.