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Synonyms for unwholesome

Synonyms for unwholesome

not sustaining or promoting health

susceptible to or marked by preoccupation with unwholesome matters

Antonyms for unwholesome

detrimental to physical or moral well-being

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PESHAWAR -- Assistant Commissioner Charsadda, Khan Wali arrested two butchers for selling unwholesome meat in Charsadda on Sunday.
FAISALABAD -- The condition of five children who had consumed unwholesome milk soda on Sunday night is serious, doctors at the Allied Hospital said on Monday.
As word of the young man's unwholesome liaison with the widow Binta spreads and draws condemnation and social ostracisation for Binta, things come to a head when her rich son confronts the thug, with disastrous consequences.
He added that DPWH will not tolerate this unwholesome practice where the government will be at a losing end.
When willpower won't cut it, we need supernatural help; then we can finally reconcile with the person who hurt us, avoid unwholesome websites or turn down that extra plate of food.
On numerous occasions I witnessed them [company inspectors] fail to spot abscesses, lesions, fecal matter, and other defects that would render an animal unsafe or unwholesome," says one.
Her pimp is Samuel McCaig (known as "Sammy the Perv" for obvious reasons), who also resides in the care home, and the only one in Rose's life who takes any interest in her, as unwholesome as that interest may be.
The non-oil export challenges in Nigeria are infrastructural deficiency, poor standardisation of products, high cost of production, falsification of documents, weak linkages to chain supply, unwholesome trade practices, and exports dominated by primary products, inability to meet export orders, restricted access to credit and trademark," he said.
He has mentioned Kashmir in a manner which is unwholesome and unacceptable.
Out of those four intentions, the last is unwholesome and evil whereas the first three are wholesome.
THE recent planning committee approval by Warwick District Council for the Coventry Airport Gateway development looks to be unwholesome for several reasons.
16/20 STAFF: This is not the kind of pub where staff will know your name, unless it's for an altogether unwholesome reason.
Unwholesome' Last year the Sunday Mercury published a letter that the Catholic Church in Birmingham sent to their counterparts in Los Angeles just weeks after Robinson left Britain to warn them that Robinson had been involved in "an unwholesome relationship".
Cllr Carr is disingenuous when he says I "attempted to dissuade a developer not to locate a multi -million pound neurology centre on the grounds it is cold and unwholesome.