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Tables 8 and 9 present two case studies of hyperinsulinism associated with chronic symptom-complexes of unwellness, such as lack of interest and vigor, anxiety, fatigue, mood disorders, cognitive difficulties, brain fog, allergy, abdominal bloating, and digestive symptoms.
She represents passionate producers who are working themselves into a state of dire unwellness ...
And yet for all that unwellness he had an irrepressible spirit and he kept going.
This consequently led to a very frequent manifestation of EFS, incubator overheating, and general unwellness of babies in this ward.
The subscales are Somatization (Bodily pains, discomfort and dysfunction) Obsessive-compulsive (Irresistible thoughts, impulses and actions) Interpersonal sensitivity (Discomfort in social situations) Depression (Loss of vital energy, interest and motivation) Anxiety (Restlessness, nervousness and tension) Hostility (Feelings of anger, hatred, repression and unfriendliness) Phobic Anxiety (Irrational fears and avoidance of objects, places and situations) Paranoid Ideation (Suspiciousness, distrustfulness and blaming others) Psychoticism (Hallucinations, delusions, externally manipulated thoughts) Neuroticism (Poor sleep and appetite, feeling of unwellness).
For counselling psychology this has meant moving away from a medical model of assessment, diagnosis and treatment, as well as moving away from predominantly intrapsychic conceptualisations of mental illness and unwellness. It has also implied a move towards more humanistic, phenomenological and systemic values informing theory, practice and research.
"We have just had a situation today where we will not have a full squad training as there is a little bit of unwellness in the squad, but that is just something you have to deal with when you travel and these little stomach upsets happen."
These skills allow us to enter the darkest fears human experience offers and to see through the illusions that bind our hearts in mental unwellness, confusion, and depression.
Not to mention a loss of control over much of one's daily life; it's all on someone else's schedule and on a roller coaster feeling of relative unwellness.
Pneumonia can be another concern for parents whose child has a bad cough, for example, but Dr Massoud points out that children with pneumonia will usually have other symptoms, including a high and/or persistent temperature, general unwellness, and fast breathing that takes extra effort.
A 34-years-old female without any chronic disease history applied to otorhinolaryngology department with fever, throat pain, dysphagia and unwellness for 3 days.
the physical - the woman's self image about herself, the psychological and the fear of dying and the physical unwellness....
Mental dependence is described as intentionally using a drug or substance whose effects are known or experienced.11 This is psychological addictiveness and withdrawal symptoms, when the drug or substance is not taken, are mental discomfort, unwellness and nervousness.14
This new way of thinking is based on the premise that every expression of health--from wellness to unwellness to illness--emerges from the interaction of two factors.