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the physical - the woman's self image about herself, the psychological and the fear of dying and the physical unwellness.
11 This is psychological addictiveness and withdrawal symptoms, when the drug or substance is not taken, are mental discomfort, unwellness and nervousness.
They found that the label of cancer was emotionally charged and the degree of unwellness may have prevented some women from taking in the details of the information presented.
This new way of thinking is based on the premise that every expression of health--from wellness to unwellness to illness--emerges from the interaction of two factors.
To date, however, there has been no investigation into the relationship that physical self-concept has with psychological well-being or psychological unwellness.
That approach, simply put, is the old deconstructive two-step that opens up the premature closures of systematic understanding by insisting on a supplement or differend or punctum or lifeworld or face--that is, some symptomatic indicator, often embodied, that exceeds the conceptual framework buried in our epistemic methods, habits, biases, and common sense, thus serving first as a sign of that framework's inadequacy, its unwellness or disease, and second as a step toward a cure (even if this turns out to be simply the recognition of the disease itself).
Since ever fewer Americans take a newspaper at all, the threat of morning unwellness seems to be diminishing.
By far the most pronounced symptoms of whanau unwellness in Dogside Story can be found in an examination of Te Rua, a young man disabled physically (through the amputation of his leg) and emotionally (through the trauma of losing his same-age cousins), who acts not only as the novel's primary narrator, but whose coming-of-age story becomes the plot line out of which all of the other stories spiral.
It was only through a concerted education effort in the choir that several of the eight realized that their occasional feelings of unwellness were directly related to personal care product exposure and that by limiting their exposure they had greater well-being in their lives.
Unwellness occurs within unnatural conditions and results in imbalance in the person and the community.
If this fit is out of alignment, misalignment stress can cause physical unwellness and disfunctionality.
This information explains the allusions to unwellness that punctuate a number of entries in the diary, but the failure of Sarah to make any overt reference to her condition may go far to reveal the cultural and gender constraints placed upon women's texts in the eighteenth century.
The fault of AOWWK, and of so many other reports, is that all of these factors are neatly funnelled into a catch-all container called depression or mental unwellness, both requiring counselling and/or medication, regimens that too often purport treatment of the 'illness' as well as elimination of its causation.
Veterans returning from the Gulf War of 1990-1991 described multiple-organ symptoms that included chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, neurocognitive deficits, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, joint pains, fever, and a general unwellness, referred to as Gulf War syndrome (GWS) (Cherry et al.