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lack of cordiality and hospitableness

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Ho, Not Quite Rights: How the Unwelcomeness Element in Sexual Harassment Law Undermines Title V11's Transformative Potential, 20 YALE J.L.
(166.) See Gender Harassment, supra note 6, at 577-89 (reviewing the case law interpreting, and critiquing the rationales for, the "unwelcomeness" requirement).
Further, it is documented that faculty of color are often perceived as affirmative hires, experience feelings of isolation, marginalization, unwelcomeness, unappreciation, unwantedness, disrespect and lack of support from the administration and colleagues (Bourguignon et al., 1987).
Beiner discusses the basic concepts in sexual harassment law--"severe or pervasive" harassment, the "reasonable-woman standard," "unwelcomeness" of conduct, harassment "because of sex," imputation of liability to employers, damages, and deterrence--and how social scientists assess these concepts.
84-1979) [hereinafter Vinson Brief] ("It is false that the Court of Appeals 'eliminates unwelcomeness as an issue.' Perhaps the Bank perceives this because it does not distinguish, as do the Court of Appeals and respondent, between sexual advances that are welcome and sexual intercourse that appears voluntary." (citation omitted)).
I have a strong suspicion, however, that their feeling of unwelcomeness and strong reaction to the pastor's suggestions were because, even though officially registered, they never really had been a part of the parish community.
Specifically, assertive responses were perceived as more effective than passive in communicating unwelcomeness and in d eterring the initiator's persistence Consistent with previous research, perceptions of sexual harassment appear to be based more on the initiator's behavior than on the target's responses.
Most of Keaton's food related gags occur within the home, suggesting a more personal form of unwelcomeness that reflects Buster's own troubled personal life and the failure to reconcile class with domesticity.
Vinson, the Court had ruled that the primary factor in sexual harassment is unwelcomeness, not consent.
Business magazines have long advised that "sexual bantering" and "suggestive remarks" should be stamped out, with no reference to severity, pervasiveness, or even unwelcomeness.
The last sentence is not wholly accurate, as with young victims or even somewhat older ones who are preyed upon by teachers, unwelcomeness is not dispositive of sexual harassment vel non.
The notion of outrage directs the mind only to grossness, and possibly also to unwelcomeness."); see also supra notes 289-96 and accompanying text.
1993) (posing for a nude magazine outside work hours is irrelevant to issue of unwelcomeness of sexual advances at work)).
The statutory framework here is clear: sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances and consent negates unwelcomeness. Policies that punish consensual relations, argues Gallop, negate consent.