unwelcome guest

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someone who gets in (to a party) without an invitation or without paying

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The celebrations are interrupted by an unwelcome guest while groom-to-be Kush struggles to resist Stacey's charms.
Debbie's manipulative future mother-inlaw isn't the most unwelcome guest though, as gangster Charlie turns up looking for the
It's so understated that we're not aware of a composer's style in the music, interposed like an unwelcome guest.
The partners are at war while at home, Joan has an unwelcome guest.
Clearly, in the tradition of the late Raymond Federman, of whom Gerdes was a major devotee, Gerdes's latest works, The Unwelcome Guest and Nin and Nan, pay a kind of homage to Federman in that these short novellas refuse to adhere to any kind of representational writing in favor of a kind of a poetic recalcitrance.
POP princess Lily Allen was faced with an unwelcome guest when she discovered a tarantula in her bed during a project to help save Brazilian rainforests.
It's an unwelcome guest because when it feels threatened, it releases a nontoxic yellow liquid that smells foul and produces stains.
On the glamorous Passeig de Gracia, widely accepted as one of the city's finest avenues (populated by buildings by Gaudi, Lluis Domenech i Montaner and Josep Puig i Cadafalch), Ito's contribution was considered by some to be an unwelcome guest.
In fact, I feel a kind of relief, the way you do when an unwelcome guest finally departs.
So Paul finished high school as an unwelcome guest in his parents' home, not allowed to eat their food, forced to pay rent.
dominates the stage as the caustic, irascible, curmudgeonly Sheridan Whiteside, a world-renowned raconteur and radio host trapped as an unwelcome guest in a midwestern home following a fall on a patch of ice on the owner's stairs after a dinner in his honor during a tour of the hinterlands.
Men are supposed to be easily discouraged when faced with an unwelcome guest such as MS.
Rain doesn't have to be an unwelcome guest at your camp.
If you suffer from depression, clinical or otherwise, or if anxiety is often an unwelcome guest, this book offers insight and spiritual strength.
Always remember, you are an uninvited and (more often than not) unwelcome guest.