unwelcome guest

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someone who gets in (to a party) without an invitation or without paying

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Instruction in this phase focuses on IPB and MDMP, using the Unwelcome Guest scenario as the training vehicle.
UNWELCOME GUEST The curious cheetah manages to get into Britton's vehicle
But their relaxing caravan trip soon turns into a shambles as they end up spending most of their precious time tracking down an unwelcome guest.
However, their relaxing break soon turns into a shambles as they spend most of their time tracking down an unwelcome guest. Comedy, written by and starring Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, with Sanjeev Kohli and Shamshad Akhtar.
She has brought an unwelcome guest: her off-putting new boyfriend Jackson (Joe Foust), a local dentist whose young hygienist was abducted earlier that day and presumed murdered.
Synopsis: An unwelcome guest appears as Mark Twain is preparing to host his dear Aunt Mary's annual visit.
Mr O'Neill's restaurant serves everything from crocodile to kangaroo, a fact he reminded his unwelcome guest of during his response on TripAdvisor.
But it seems to have taken a liking to my home and is now an unwelcome guest who refuses to leave -- everyone's worst nightmare.
In this novel, jewelery designer Maisoon wants an ordinary life, which isn't easy for a Palestinian citizen of Israel who refuses to be crushed by the feeling she is an unwelcome guest in the land of her ancestors.
The celebrations are interrupted by an unwelcome guest while groom-to-be Kush struggles to resist Stacey's charms.
It's so understated that we're not aware of a composer's style in the music, interposed like an unwelcome guest. No, Hoiby creates a delicate texture that is just enough to shape a musical characterization of Draper.
The partners are at war while at home, Joan has an unwelcome guest. Read more on p21.
One of the things one can never accuse Eckhard Gerdes of is not "testing the boundaries," "pushing the envelope" or, in this case, "challenging the margins." Clearly, in the tradition of the late Raymond Federman, of whom Gerdes was a major devotee, Gerdes's latest works, The Unwelcome Guest and Nin and Nan, pay a kind of homage to Federman in that these short novellas refuse to adhere to any kind of representational writing in favor of a kind of a poetic recalcitrance.
POP princess Lily Allen was faced with an unwelcome guest when she discovered a tarantula in her bed during a project to help save Brazilian rainforests.
It's an unwelcome guest because when it feels threatened, it releases a nontoxic yellow liquid that smells foul and produces stains.