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of someone who has not been married


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To reset the facts of the case: after dallying for a spell in Nausikaa's charmed, dream-like world, where all her thoughts and actions revolve around her eventual marriage, the bard rounds off the episode with the terse summary already cited, "so [Nausikaa] shone among her handmaidens, a virgin unwedded.
In a similar interpretation, Eric Sundquist observes that Eunice and Ike are linked when he notes: "the secret of [Ike's] 'paternity' lies in the grave of an unwedded mother--not his own mother, of course, but the slave mother who carries the white McCaslin blood into the black Beauchamp family" (134).
Since we lived in Illinois [at the time], where we had only lived a month or so after being granted civil union status, it was made oh-so-apparent that on one side of the river we could be seen as spouses, and as unwedded partners on the other," Bendix says.
For the poet the consequences of sincerity are poems, and the act of writing poetry is a performance unwedded to dogma, or conviction (if we want to learn from our work).
367 (2007); for a geographer's similarly unwedded view, see Jennifer Ridgely, Cities of Refuge: Immigration Enforcement.
It could have been better to drive my own car but this is a dream for most unwedded [young, female] students.
The fast paced life that Vienna leads and the many personas that she assumes allow Mandour to take readers through a grand tour of the disparate characters a Lebanese woman plays in society: Unwedded Vienna who has not regrettably lost her virginity, married Vienna, widowed Vienna, TV presenter/part animal Vienna and Hajja Vienna, the devout Muslim and veiled Vienna who goes on a not-so-exciting pilgrimage.
After 16 ye a r s o f unwedded bliss, Eddie is desperate to get married.
Unwedded to any particular cosmology, they typically set out to "weaken" the religions they appropriate, rethinking or recasting them so as to make them capable of accommodating ambiguity, ambivalence, uncertainty, and risk.
Ironically, Margaret winds up marrying the widower Wilcox, played by Anthony Hopkins, who later denies his second wife's request to let a pregnant but unwedded Helen live at Howards End.
Shannon left Hefner to pursue her acting career, and has been living with Gene Simmons in unwedded bliss since 1985.
Our souls are like those orphans whose unwedded mothers die in bearing them: the secret of our paternity lies in their grave, and we must there to learn it.
The textual locus on her unwedded name ironically highlights, then, her disregard for her marriage vows, connecting Sweeney's nightingales to the themes of sexual infidelity and betrayal.
Down here with the clay and the grass up above, be you rich be you poor, unwedded like Cis, or as bonny as Mrs Colquohoun was bonny.
The image of the bride unwedded was set forth of old in the Red Sea, for there, Moses parted the waters and here, Gabriel was the servant of the miracle.