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not worn by exposure to the weather

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In unweathered condition massive, hard, brownish-grey chert; boulders either with a light grey leached crust or entirely leached.
Her ever-present fedora keeps her face unweathered, so the years of handling tough country, tough cattle, and tougher men don't show.
The outcrops comprise shales, siltstones, and sandstones, deposited in a fluvial environment, rich in unweathered igneous minerals.
b] was obtained during shear test of unweathered surfaces of fractured rock.
5 m deep in the gneiss, is filled with sandstone, the edges of the basement rock are angular and unweathered.
The colour of any newly-exposed and unweathered slate will also pinpoint a fault.
We were careful to use only specimens with intact, unweathered umbos so the first growth line would represent an age of 1 y.
It was relatively straightforward rotary rock drilling in conditions that varied from weathered and unweathered bedrock to cobbles in sand.
0040) was largely resolved by removal of its weathered surface, as the component score of the unweathered surface now plots well within the MG ellipse.
Table 3--XPS Elemental Analysis of a Steel Surface Following Removal of a Model Polystyrene Coating after Immersion of the Assembly in Salt Water or Distilled Water (values in atom%) Element Test Duration Rating Ca Si Na Cl C O Fe (a) Unweathered - - 0 0 0 0 36 46 18 Water 73 6 (1%) 1.
Unweathered (primary) vein ores were dominated by quartz (crystalline silica), with variable amounts of galena (lead sulfide) and minor amounts of pyrite (iron sulfide), chalcopyrite (copper-iron sulfide), and arsenopyrite (iron-arsenic sulfide) [see Supplemental Material, Figure S1D-G, Table S2 (http:// dx.
In any basement rock area, groundwater occurs in the weathered mantle or in the joints and fractured systems of the unweathered rocks and in buried stream channels (Ako and Olorunfemi, 1989).
Mulch matrix, where distinguished from the black topsoil, is the same texture and colour as local unweathered sand, including sand of the substrate beach ridge deposit (cf.
That's where the rover will use its arm-mounted drill for the first time, grinding down far enough to extract an unweathered sample for two key geochemical experiments.
The L-1850 loader's Michelin X-Mine D2 60/80-57 tires are subject, not only to heavy abrasion from the sandstone and tuff, but are also under constant threat of sidewall damage from the unpredictable content such as razor-sharp, unweathered shards of rock.