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Synonyms for unwearied

having or showing a capacity for protracted effort, regardless of difficulty or frustration

Synonyms for unwearied

with unreduced energy

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He was crippled, ill, getting weaker every day, and Tekla the Samaritan tended him unweariedly with the pure joy of unselfish devotion.
For the best part of two days he was unweariedly kind; silent, indeed, but always ready to help, and always hoping
In the relevant passage it is stated that any kind of shaking ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (35) or motion which takes place unweariedly ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (36) whether it originates in the individual himself or some means of transportation, including the boat, is beneficial to the body (789 C-D).
Foster and Carlton represented the beau ideal, the quintessence of that culture, which the noblest minds of the Caucasian race have for the past three thousand years been unweariedly watering and cultivating.
For eleven years you have toiled unweariedly and single heartedly, amid infinite hardships and privations.
Could the flower Open its petall'd thought, and praise the dower Of sunlight, or the fresh gift of the dew, The bounteous air that daily round it blew, Blessing unweariedly in sun and shower, Methinks would miss its praises: so I drink My life of thee; and put to poet's use Whatever crosses it of strange or fair.