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not weaned


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The 60% guideline (dashed line) represents maximum size of an unweaned calf.
There are fewer reproductive and nutritional emergencies due to improved client education, product availability (especially pelleted diets), and significantly fewer breeders selling unweaned pediatric birds.
Namibia is the only country on earth to slaughter unweaned seals.
This is like forcing an unweaned baby to drink Turkish coffee.
Microbial activities of faeces from unweaned and adult pigs, in relation to selected fermentable carbohydrates.
The farm, the largest in China, comprised 31,260 monkeys, of which [approxiamtely equal to] 1 in 5 was unweaned.
DEFRA has confirmed that the recurring nightmare of live exports has started including the shipment of sheep, pigs and unweaned calves going on horrendous journeys to Spain.
The experts also stress the need for further research on aspects such as: limits and regulation of temperatures during the transport of poultry and rabbits, the effect of ventilation on pigs, the minimum space allowed for rabbits, pigs and newly-hatched chickens, and the duration of the journey that will not harm unweaned horses, pigs and calves.
Likewise, an unweaned wild elephant that gets separated from the herd is highly unlikely to complete its development.
First, our analysis gave similar results for calves, showing that unweaned cattle are discounted an average of $3.
77) Nor was Herman's family unique: he reports that "Henry, an extremely wealthy man, together with his wife, Bertha, his as-yet unweaned son, John, and two daughters, Trasberga and Iulitta, entered the monastic life in almost the same fashion.
Virus isolation has been used (tissue culture, embryonated chicken eggs, or unweaned mice) but has been unsuccessful.
Unweaned guinea pigs patiently await their turn with no aggression towards one another.
A requirement to participate in the study is that the families had to have at least one unweaned infant.
While the foster-care program has grown tenfold to house more than 1,000 pets, nearly 300 unweaned kittens didn't survive.