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with resolute determination

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Chip Hooper, head of the Paradigm Music Division, added, "Whether hiring employees or forming partnerships we have always been unwaveringly committed to working with the most talented and creative people, and most importantly, with people who share similar goals and those with impeccable character.
All mujahideen and countrymen should be confident that in this process, I will unwaveringly defend our legal rights and viewpoints everywhere, read the statement.
All mujahidin and countrymen should be confident that in this process, I will unwaveringly defend our legal rights and viewpoint everywhere," he said, adding that the purpose of talks was to "bring and end to the occupation" of Afghanistan.
Zabin also said, "Wherever you look, you will see our army with unwaveringly supporting Jordanians and neighbours as well," adding that this army is the keeper of dignity and the carrier of Islam's message since the foundation of the Jordanian state.
Although coup authorities deprived him of required medicines and tests, he continued his painful struggle against serious illness and did not bend or kneel to the cowardly jailers or the murderous putschists, and remained unwaveringly steadfast until his pure soul departed," Mohamed Montaser, the Brotherhood's media spokesperson said in a statement.
GEORDIES have always been passionately loyal and unwaveringly grateful for any kind of success.
Since Waters' death in 1983, he has unwaveringly kept Waters' memory alive, and is currently working on several musical projects for next year to celebrate what would be Waters' 100th birthday.
Currently, Tebow works as a college football analyst for SEC Network but has always unwaveringly expressed his every intention of playing in the NFL again.
Erdoy-an is still unwaveringly arrogant and ready for confrontation on every concept he hears that is beyond his intellectual capacity.
Unfailingly polite, unwaveringly committed to the Newcastle cause, he has seen plenty of players come and go in his time and responded in the same way: by knuckling down and getting on with it.
Nobody has stopped us from having relations with any country in the world, but our political orientation should unwaveringly remain with the West.
The government regretted the lack of credibility and objectivity in the report by Amnesty International (AI) on Morocco, while reiterating its resolve to continuing efforts and reinforcing structural reforms to which Morocco is unwaveringly committed, including the judiciary's reform, strengthening national mechanisms of human rights in general, and of torture prevention in particular.
Let us promote peace by unwaveringly following the path of righteous action.
On the opposite side stands Israels Benjamin Netanyahu, unwaveringly insisting on the Palestinian recognition as an essential precondition in the framework for further discussion; "[the Palestinian Government] needs to recognize the state of the Jews just like they are demanding from us that we recognize the state of the Palestinians.
The European Union issued stern warnings to France, Spain and Italy on Friday that they must hold unwaveringly to their budgets for 2014, saying they were at risk of missing targets.