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with resolute determination

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Narrator Perks (Alistair Cheetham) gave an unwaveringly polished performance, as did Maria Sykes as Mother.
It's possibly inevitable that some of the quickfire words elude the ears, but the message is unmistakable - this is a show that was designed to sparkle and which does so unwaveringly.
For anyone who knows Bellamy, either personally or professionally, his character is infectious, his sense of humour argumentative, his will to win uncompromising and his approach to football unwaveringly passionate.
I am unwaveringly convinced that there is still a chance to save this once great nation.
Deceived conservatives who put blind faith and trust in Bush--exactly what he requested of the delegates at his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention--are almost no better than the minions and acolytes who blindly and unwaveringly supported Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Something is unwaveringly absorbing, even intoxicating, to use Bois's word, about his project.
If Daniel could unwaveringly serve God in pagan Babylon of old, so can Christ keep us close to 'Him who is able to keep you from falling' and 'present you before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy' (Jude 24).
After the political fireworks of Hindi-language "From the Heart" (Dil Se ..., 1999), Madras-based director Mani Ratnam returns to his native Tamil lingo for "Waves," the boisterous and colorful widescreen saga of a natural love-match between two independent and nearly unwaveringly chipper young people.
The category has produced works that unwaveringly pursue the Philippine genre tradition, always soundly constructed in terms of design and composition, with its dynamic rhythm and circumspect chromaticism, and with images guaranteed to put the viewer on the side of the artist.
Union leader and DIKO official Alecos Tryfonides said DIKO is unwaveringly against CyTA's privatisation.
“My personal mission statement is to unwaveringly utilize my gifts of inspiration, persuasion and motivation, in addition to my knowledge, experience and expertise, combined with my passion for people, to make an undeniably positive impact on the world,” says Smith.
"I am lucky to have someone who unwaveringly gave me love," Lakshmi said, "and is also the person that I love.
It tackles the odd confrontation with confidence and holds the attention unwaveringly in handling the more frequent feelings that are expressed without excitement and sometimes without words.