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Synonyms for unwavering

Synonyms for unwavering

indicating or possessing determination, resolution, or persistence

Synonyms for unwavering

marked by firm determination or resolution

not showing abrupt variations


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In the cable, HM the King paid tribute to Al-Sada Tribe for reaffirming unwavering allegiance to the leader and the homeland, thus following in the steps of their loyal fathers and forefathers.
The OIC Secretary General expressed OIC's firm commitment' solidarity and unwavering support for the Kashmiri people.
JERUSALEM Making his first official visit to Israel, President Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday unwavering commitment to the security of the Jewish State where concern over a nuclear-armed Iran has clouded US-Israeli relations.
Becoming a Man of Unwavering Faith is narrated by Dr.
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia last night reaffirmed its unwavering support for Bahrain's security and stability.
The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards" is a biographical look at the man behind that fiery sermon.
From simple, humble believer, Joseph Ratzinger, the man who became Pope Benedict XVI evolved into a world respected theologian, a Cardinal of the Church, the unwavering Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and a primary confident of the late John Paul II.
We loved and admired Pope John Paul the Great for his courageous, unwavering stand for traditional family values against withering, relentless assault from "post-modernists", "progressives", immoral special interest groups, and the like.
The award recipients will be honoured for their leadership, vision and unwavering commitment to succeed.
I am particularly grateful to Mayor Bloomberg and EDC President Andrew Alper for their leadership and to Borough President Markowitz for his unwavering dedication and support.
More specifically, this comprehensive guide will give athletes break-through methods to optimize inner drive for training and competition; maintain emotional and mental control for unwavering focus; improve communication skills for better leadership and teamwork; and avoid and over-come slumps, injuries, and other challenges to a successful season.
Psalms are perhaps the oldest hymns in existence, and were composed in praise of God and His unwavering care for His people.
The strength and longevity of this internationally circulated publication has been its unwavering editorial philosophy that "products are sold on the technical level.
His support for our community and our specific issues has been unwavering, extensive, and sincere.
Now, an analysis of new quasar observations suggests that that constant has been unwavering after all.