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Synonyms for unwatchful

not alert to what is potentially dangerous

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One of its favourite patterns was to create the illusion that everything was going well, lull the unwatchful Jamaican into complacency, and then leap up and tear open his throat.
During the Bush administration, Democrats (rightly) complained that the Justice Department had been politicized under the unwatchful eye of Atty.
With the condemning sentence passed that they "never shared in the work," these merely nominal Christians find themselves unable to resist the "deceivable lusts" lying in wait to ensnare the unwatchful, unable to perform the duties expected of the godly, unable to appreciate the danger of ever-present, still-ebullient sin.
A tremor went through me as I shook myself dry; a tremor that came to me straight from the sea, like the flash of a fin, opposite the entrance to the port, under the unwatchful eye of a darkened lighthouse, and the Prophet Jonah, melting into the sand.
The Chorus reflect on the retributive power of Zeus against the hubristic man and remark that the gods are not unwatchful ([LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 462) of those who cause so many deaths.