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Synonyms for unwarrantable

incapable of being justified or explained

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I thought it odd that any one else should be in there, and my interest in my friend-- with doubtless a touch of unwarrantable curiosity--led me to listen intently, though, I am happy to say, not at the keyhole.
So solemn was it, so impressive, that the buzz and rattle of our motor-car seemed an unwarrantable intrusion, an indecent disregard of this reverent stillness which lay like a pall over and round the ruins of humanity.
Worse even than that, I took an unwarrantable advantage of my position.
He was redoubtable, not in virtue of his office, but because of his unwarrantable assump- tions.
'My dear girl,' said Mr Chester, bending over her more affectionately still; 'whom I would call my daughter, but the Fates forbid, Edward seeks to break with you upon a false and most unwarrantable pretence.
'Although I have long been anxious to tell you, in plain terms, what my opinion of you is, I should have let even this opportunity pass, in deference to my friend Perker's wishes, but for the unwarrantable tone you have assumed, and your insolent familiarity.
After enlarging on and explaining numbers of cases, which lasted two hours and twenty minutes, his Lordship declared such warrants (except in cases of high treason) to be illegal, oppressive, and unwarrantable."); Naples, May 24, SCG, Sept.
In his address, Kennedy effusively described the potential of statistics--if put in the right hands--to advance human progress and ameliorate suffering by replacing "vague and unwarrantable ideas" with truth.
"Furthermore the council unreservedly apologises to the council taxpayers of Redcar and Cleveland for putting this large amount of their money at unwarrantable risk." Councillor Peter Scott, Cabinet member for resources, said the motion was "malicious, malevolent SAY Cllr and pathetic".
[W]ar must be rendered altogether unwarrantable except when waged by the entire League against an aggressor State....
The reader may wonder how he can interest himself so much and yet uncover so little; or suspect that he is negotiating, for Hawthorne himself, the difference between effective observation and the unwarrantable prying.
(172) An example of this type of construct can be seen in the increased use of the unincorporated joint stock company form even though the law appeared to be hostile to it after the passing of what was officially entitled An Act for Better Securing Certain Powers and Privileges, Intended to Be Granted by His Majesty by Two Charters, for Assurance of Ships and Merchandise at Sea, and for Lending Money upon Bottomry; and for Restraining Several Extravagant and Unwarrantable Practices therein Mentioned 1720, 6 Geo 1, c 18, but is now more commonly known as the Bubble Act 1720.
One writer asserted, "his diet was plain, chiefly consisting of bread, milk, or butter," while another maintained that he had refused to eat "anything that was obtained in an unwarrantable or unchristian manner." (54) Nonetheless, there is reason to question whether Woolman thought that slaughtering animals was "unchristian." His leather clothing was "uncured," and like Evans he insisted on wearing garments that retained "the natural color of the fur," but he never expressed any qualms about making clothes from animal skin.
most unwarrantable liberties, in the way of downright plagiarism, from a Philadelphian poet whose high merits have not been properly appreciated--Mr.