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Synonyms for unwarmed

not having been heated or warmed


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Place the shallot halves on unwarmed plates and top with the warm mushroom puree.
2] for capillary blood sampled from a warmed heel compared with capillary blood sampled at the same time from the contralateral unwarmed heel.
But they often don't have access to Jetways, have uncovered and unwarmed boarding areas, and present interior problems that make boarding difficult for passengers with disabilities.
At best, neighbour of a feudal country seat mentioned by Shakespeare, later uncomfortably hitched to a globally unwarmed safari park.
Farmer compares the unwarmed body to a beast that must be tamed.
Rapid infusion of unwarmed crystalloid and blood may also result in considerable lowering of core temperatures, which may cause cardiac arrhythmias, coagulopathy, and major alterations in response to pharmacological agents and has been reported to be associated with an increased mortality rate (2,6,7).
Catherine's in Egypt, where one finds, narrator Thomas says, "the remains of thousands of unwarmed and nameless men who passed through life without family bonds or the experience of human love.
My monitoring data show that these greenhouses increase daytime temperature by 3[degrees] to 7[degrees]C over that of unwarmed seedlings and extend the growing season by up to two weeks.
However, his shot was both high and wide as Cudicini's hands remained unwarmed.
The flat light and dense print make this a day of breathless grayness, without shadow and unwarmed by the sun.
They used a temperature recording device to take air and soil temperatures in three warmed and three unwarmed plots every 48 minutes from the end of May to mid August.
5 m above odd-numbered plots, leaving even-numbered plots as unwarmed controls [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].