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not subject to the control of the will

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(viii) Due to a sensory premonition that precedes the 'tic' tics are described as 'semi-voluntary' or 'unvoluntary' rather than involuntary.
her imperial [??] I to unpardonable u [LAMBDA] the earth i [??] the unlov'd i [LAMBDA] the active i ae the eveningg i i unvoluntary errands [??] [epsilon] beggar entertains i [epsilon] misery are i [a.sup.[??]] see as i ae ev'ry infant [??]i I the anvil i ae to endless u [epsilon] spider a [??] you unquiet u [LAMBDA] O only O[??] O[??] through all u a we are i a be all i [??] Many poetically important nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs begin with a vowel in English, and invite consideration of a glottal stroke of varying degrees of strength as an expressive heightening of its significance.
This process also seems to lie on a continuum that reawakens the voluntary, involuntary, "unvoluntary" debate noted earlier.
In Der moderne Denkmalkultus [the Modern Cult of the Monument], published in 1903 when preservation policies were being established in the late Habsburg Empire, the Viennese art historian Alois Riegl assigns a wide range of meaning to the monuments, voluntary or unvoluntary (gewollt or ungewollt).