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However, this comment is unverifiable as total revenue is not publicly disclosed, according to a public relations official at another hotel.
According to this apparently unverifiable urban legend, certain participants were worth certain amounts of points, based largely on their position in USY, and by "hooking up" with them (making out or more), a teen earned those relative points.
The provocative measures, that ignored internationally agreed rights to unfettered and unbridled access to Al Haram Al Sharif for the faithful, were imposed after an incident in which two Israeli soldiers were killed, with the Zionist regime making an unsubstantiated and unverifiable assertion that the gunmen had fled into the holy shrine after the attack.
This is not the first goof up on Conway's part, who previously used the term "alternative facts" to defend some of the unverifiable comments by the Trump administration and mentioned an imaginary "Bowling Green Massacre" to defend the president's travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority nations.
However, the documents, which contain references to other BJP members as well as non-NDA politicians, have been found to be unverifiable by the commission.
There are information, always unverifiable, and cyclically relayed, according to which the state has no money to pay the salaries of its employees "this month." After this deadline, it is now clear that there has been nothing and the government always pays its employees on time.
LAHORE -- National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) on Saturday submitted the forensic inquiry report in the Election Tribunal probing alleged rigging in NA-122 identifying that greater proportion of polled votes found unverifiable in the examination.
Whitehall sources said the reports were "acknowledged but so far unverifiable".
Whitehall sources said the claims were "so far unverifiable".
Government figures suggest as many as three million people died, while some say that figure is too high and unverifiable.
The most concerning aspect of the evening was the lack of any academic rigour around the arguments on both sides which often seemed to descend into cheap point-scoring by both participants amid a proliferation of numbers and statistics completely unverifiable by the average viewer.
Critical and skeptical readers may take issue with the clunky juxtaposition of spirituality with his other, more sophisticated arguments -- indeed, the unverifiable is often treated as real, feeling out of place in the work, despite being so prominent throughout it.
"The leader of Ataka claims that these trips were gifts from his wealthy friends, but this fact is unverifiable because there is no registry of costs covered by friends.
The commission had asked Modi to submit a reply to it by November 16, as it held him prima facie guilty of making an unverifiable allegation against the Congress under the model code of conduct.
After evaluating the contractor's records, the auditors found inadequate recordkeeping, sloppy and unverifiable documentation of material and labor expenses, unverifiable and scrap materials used, a comingled bank account with weak accounting records, and indistinct recordkeeping of overall corporate burdens allocated to the project.