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The analysis clearly indicates a tendency not to state B: it is explicit in 22 cases (23,4% of the cases) and unverbalized in 72 cases (76,6% of the cases).
She contended that values are a part of reality and so are objects of comprehension no matter how inchoate or unverbalized.
By "judging the orphan" and "pleading the cause of the widow," Israel will be returning to what Psalm 1 refers to as "the way of the righteous," thus ending their rebellion against Adonai--although this last is left unverbalized, though definitely understood.
Locating and mapping the human unconscious was a primary plotline within the braided narratives of modernism, and it fell to the Surrealist painters to represent the inchoate structures and unverbalized agendas of this newly explored dark continent.
Distanced in appearance, attitude, and personal interests from the customary depiction of a woman missionary as a homely narrow-minded religious zealot, the very attractive Margaret Wrong was, nonetheless, taken seriously by "people in authority" who recognized that "her interest in social issues was linked to an intense if generally unverbalized Christian faith.
Indeed, a Lacanian reading of [SAR] determines an interplay of metaphors whose meaning is unverbalized.
The communication is carried on at the level of their defenses against their mutually felt but unverbalized low feelings of self-esteem.
Benedict, HJAS 4 (1939): 227-28, as does the teleological gloss with its lucus a non lucendo unverbalized assumptions that Noonan reproduces, probably from that source.
Their "theories in use" are tacit, unverbalized, incommunicable, implicit models of the world or ways of knowing, with values, strategies of action, and assumptions that shape intentional behavior.
Because of the affinity that Woolf's ideology bears to Deledda's unverbalized one, I would argue that Woolf's work buttresses the thesis for the presence of a gender-specific politics in Deledda's later novels(8) and provides an important key to reading Deledda as a gender-conscious writer.
When I attended a concert by Meredith Monk a few weeks ago, I was enthralled by her images (musical and physical) and would gladly have let it all remain as an unverbalized experience.
Acceptance seems to be conceived by us as that psychological act occurring when such speech acts are performed, though it can also occur in the absence of such speech acts when directed towards unverbalized thoughts, a kind of assent to mental tokens of sentences that may never be publicly expressed.
As Scheler puts it, The formal structure of ressentiment expression is always the same: A is affirmed, valued, and praised not for its own intrinsic quality, but with the unverbalized intention of denying, devaluating, and denigrating B.
Their fantasies are apt to include an unverbalized assumption that to avoid past disappointments, both partners of an enduring relationship must mobilize vast amounts of emotional energy and be prepared for untold sacrifice to make the relationship trustable.
There appeared almost a self-blame, a pervasive unverbalized feeling of guilt and defeat which prevented him from saying "why"--only "It's just me.