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Changes in the dairy barn environment in unventilated (UV **) and tunnel-ventilated (TV ***) systems.
Again, the studies subjected the participants in extremely unventilated environments.
"Following a visit to the property before Christmas, surveyors discovered that recent mould was found to be the result of condensation due to a tumble drier being used in an unventilated room.
CWB officials remind the public to stay warm and stay aware of carbon monoxide poisoning risk in enclosed and unventilated space.
"Never sleep in a room heated by an unventilated gas or kerosene space heater, and never use a gas stove to heat your home, even if it's only for a short time," Barton advises.
Chief Keeley said proper ventilation was essential and he urged people not to tamper with these machines Blocked chimneys and burning fuel in an unventilated space can also raise the risks of poisoning.
Chen Qiyuan, with Urdu name Musa, was very happy to be able to participate in this public abroad study program saying 'Living in a new environment can experience new customs, and enjoy unventilated folk culture.
I am aware of the practice of making an attic unventilated by spraying foam onto the roof sheathing -- and sometimes the rafters, but I am not in favor of it.
He says the distance between two stations on the line is six kilometers, but there is no escape route so, in the event of a mishap, commuters would have to walk along the unventilated tunnel to the nearest station."
Summary: Texas [United States], July 25 (ANI): A truck driver has been charged by a San Antonio federal courte for transporting undocumented immigrants in an unventilated, windowless semi truck which resulted in the death of 10 persons on Monday.
The 71 migrants were carried in the back of the unventilated vehicle, whose doors could not be opened from inside.
The room was small and unventilated, the sun was beating down on the windows and, unbeknownst to me, my gallbladder was gearing up to go on strike.
With so many animals living together in unventilated tunnels, oxygen supplies are quickly depleted.
Arrested in May on charges of inciting protests and spreading false news against the backdrop of the controversial Red Sea islands case, Adly has since been detained in a solitary cell, unfurnished and unventilated. According to his wife Asmaa Aly, Adly has been repeatedly denied to go out of the cell, which is against prison regulations.
A warren of bedrooms used in relays above cramped, overoccupied parlours and damp, unventilated kitchens that were home to more than a thousand desperate immigrants'.'.