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Synonyms for unveil

Synonyms for unveil

Synonyms for unveil

remove the veil from

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remove the cover from

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He said that a ceremony will be held on Thursday to unveil the new nuclear achievements in the presence of the high-ranking officials, figures and elites.
She will unveil the queen and Calderdale Mayor Conrad Winterburn will unveil Alexandra.
Also plans to unveil a new machine and hot-runner technologies.
And Audi plans to unveil its A2, the first mass-produced aluminum car, aiming to take on the highly successful DaimlerChrysler A-class.
When Ida tries to unveil something in particular, to confront her audience with a knowable, namable, localizable grief, when she tries to name the power of her singing in her next song's dedication to Rufus, the power becomes obscene.
We especially hope that Microsoft doesn't take a cue from Sony and only unveil information about its project without actually unveiling the console.
Carl Deeley and Chris Sorensen, the widow of Deputy Steven Sorensen, unveil a sign that will go up on a portion of Highway 138 as Assemblywoman Sharon Runner watches.
David Graveney will unveil the flagpole at noon on Saturday, at Ashorne and Moreton Morrell Cricket Club.
of Carr Lane Roemheld will unveil is System 130 magnetic clamp system.
We may be seeing even more of Samsung's ever-expanding Galaxy in 2013 as the South Korean electronics giant is expected to unveil at least two more Galaxy devices at the (http://b2b.
will unveil its new high-output, rotary thermoformer that operates in line with an extruder and is designed to make parts up to 1 in.
Rumors suggest the event, which lasts from March 14 to March 17, will see Samsung unveil its 2013 lineup in three episodes over the course of three days.
Rohm and Haas also showed Paraloid HT-510, an HDT modifier it has been promising to unveil since late 1989.
At least two firms indicate they will unveil "totally new" plastic welding processes based on novel, proprietary (i.
CES presents the perfect backdrop for us to unveil some of our most innovative and ambitious product designs to date," said Rick Davis, Vice President, Ace Bayou.