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lacking variety


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Before I speak of the euro and before I give an account of this period of your career, I must divorce myself from the spectator's role and address directly the unvaried and incompetent writing that it was your lot to endure at this time.
At a time when the working-class diet was bleak and unvaried, fish and chips soon caught on.
Emma's talents and energy, under the gender restrictions of idleness and a small, unvaried environment, make her bored; her boredom inspires her to act, and when she does, she gets herself and others into trouble.
Here the composer arbitrarily arranges the twelve chromatic tones in a sequence that remains unvaried throughout the composition.
One comes to dread each Pressman entrance with its unvaried, high-pitched dithering.
The experimenter asked, indicating each colour tile, the unvaried question: "Jak se jmenuje tahla barva?
While his singing can come across as routine and unvaried in the middle register, his bright, Mediterranean sound clearly comes into its own as it moves further up the staff.
In addition, the unvaried use of 4/4 meter throughout most of the piece creates continuity (the exception is use of 2/4 in the last bar of B").
What emerged as common threads were not so much evolutionary trends shaping the music itself, but the songs' subject matter (predominantly love and its hazards), and the relatively unvaried texture of Ellis's pure, silvery voice set against the percussive twang of Lewin's 'ud (an Arabic precursor of the European lute) and his more robust, sometimes overly assertive, fiddle-playing.
On the other hand, the reader discovers that the repetition is never unvaried, that each successive line is both the same and not the same as its predecessor, and so the hope of recurrence is countered by anxiety that change could be boundless and purposeless.
Though occasional jazz-tinged passages surface, Davis's score is mostly a pallid and unvaried monochrome of ceaseless counterpoint, lacking even a rudimentary connection to the dramatic events it is presumably depicting.
Pete Wilson, Knight argued that encroaching population growth and flat, unvaried terrain limit the Florida base's ability to conduct flight tests.
33, followed by an almost unvaried plateau of excellence), to which Rosen perhaps unwittingly adheres, and conclusively demonstrates its inadequacy.
Indeed, as Johnson points out in Sermon 2, reason itself tells us that if God did insist on perfect obedience, human worship would be vain: If God were a power unmerciful and severe, a rigid exacter of unvaried regularity and unfailing virtue; if he were not to be pleased but with perfection, nor to be pacified after transgressions and offences; in vain would the best men endeavour to recommend themselves to his favour; in vain would the most circumspect watch the motions of his own heart, and the most diligent apply himself to the exercise of virtue.