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lacking variety


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My response, unvaried as it is, has caused me to question just what it is about this moment in this particular work that moves me so.
It will be modest and will be a "solemn religious ceremony." This practice has remained unvaried in over a thousand years already.
According to the authority's chairman Muliaman D Hadad, the roadmap seeks to overcome a number of challenges in Islamic finance development in Indonesia, such as misalignment and lack of co-ordination between the government and the authorities in the sector's development, unvaried products and services, inadequacy of human resources, underdeveloped information technology for the sector, low public understanding and awareness and suboptimal regulation and supervision.
ISLAMABAD -- The government on Monday revealed an increase in power losses and receivables, falling recoveries and unvaried electricity supply, demand and shortfall in last one year.
Later on Dorticos continued peppering his rival with shots but his unvaried attacks made little headway as Gassiev defended stoutly responding with rare but hard and precise punches.
(36) Mansfield was probably thinking of Georges Seurat's 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte' (1884-86), a famous Impressionist painting in which men, women and children are depicted as stiff and almost identical figures captured in unvaried light and shade.
An amelioration of the defect was observed in all the four quadrants in both eyes, as it is demonstrated by the unvaried Pattern Standard Deviation (PSD) values.
For the latter, values were classified based on the following criteria: fold change > 1.5 as "increased"; fold change < 0.5 as "decreased"; and 0.5 [less than or equal to] fold change [less than or equal to] 1.5 as "unvaried." All statistical analyses were carried out with the SPSS software (IBM, Armonk, NY, USA), and the results were considered significantly different if the pertaining p values were lower than 0.05.
In order to preserve UHF spatial resolution, in hemiplegic subjects, the analyses were conducted in the native space, using the inverses of above transformations or rather aligning anatomical images to functional ones, keeping these unvaried. Similar approach was used for 3D visualization of reconstructed surface representation (mesh); 1.5 T T1-weighted images in ACPC space were automatically segmented in order to obtain segmented cortical boundary.
But creative people are also abundantly open to new experiences, so unvaried solitude might also cramp the mind.
Glycan profiling shows unvaried N-glycomes in MSC clones with distinct differentiation potentials.
There were recordings that went viral on social media platforms; although unvaried, it was the first account of the event the public heard.
Of Chester's River Dee, Baldwin remarks that, although its name signifies black river, the cool climate has given it "the unvaried color of red lead," which produces on his sight, a "broad red line, twining in meanders infinitely more serpentine than are expressed in maps" (107).
adheres to a fixed format that has remained unvaried for years.
dollar exchange remained unvaried against the Egyptian pound in major banks Monday, where the highest rate registered at the Commercial International Bank at LE 18.05 for buying and LE 18.15 for selling.