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Synonyms for unvanquishable

incapable of being overcome or subdued

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Leading off with the unvanquishable The Big Bang Theory, CBS' two-hour comedy block commands more than twice the average unit cost booked by NBC in the same period ($207,006 versus $85,318).
Thus death reveals itself as exposed being's most proper, exclusive, and unvanquishable possibility.
AT the Cup Final several Evertonians were seen wearing tshirts adorned by a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley and the stirring lines "Rise like Lions after slumber / In unvanquishable number - Shake your chains to earth like dew / Which in sleep had fallen on you / Ye are many - they are few." Intriguingly, the poem is called The Mask Of Anarchy: Written On Occasion Of The Massacre At Manchester.
The narrator says as much when he contemplates if he should use the ticket: "It's charity.--But if it be gloriously right to do a charitable deed, can it be ingloriously wrong to receive its benefit?" (55) Reasoning through his "unvanquishable scruples" (56) with the argument that every human being owes his life and all that sustains it to the charity of others, the narrator enters the theater where the performance is a parody of the church service he had witnessed in New York several weeks earlier.
McDaniel's Oscar-winning portrayal in Gone with the Wind remains firmly implanted in our collective memories of Margaret Mitchell's histrionic paean to the unvanquishable South.
Her delineation of Hinduism contrasts with this portrayal of yielding submission, for Luxima, who "could not, even remotely, comprehend the pious solicitude for her conversion," professes "a religion which unites the most boundless toleration to the most obstinate faith; the most perfect indifference to proselytism, to the most unvanquishable conviction of its own supreme excellence" (125).
Percy Bysshe Shelley (whose wife, Mary, was the daughter of the anarchist William Godwin and the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft), in his passionate poem "The Mask of Anarchy," wrote five powerful lines that later, in early twentieth century United States, would be read aloud to one another by garment workers: Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you-- Ye are many--they are few.
The Case of Berecillia cannot thus be pleaded: she married my Lord Sparkish purely thro Inclination; he makes her a perfect complaisant Husband, and loves her as well as it is the fashion for Men to love their Wives; yet she carries on an Intrigue here with Basset the Gamester, in a manner so publick, that if my Lord had not an unvanquishable Aversion for a naked Sword, he would have tried the Metal of the other's Blade: but being a Lover of Peace, he counterfeits a Blindness to their Behaviour, and is the only one who seems ignorant of his own Shame.
The syntactic inversion, formal "thou," and chivalric phrases "conjure" and "Unvanquishable" evoke the metaphorical representation of desire in preempirical literature.
Absalom, Absalom/ is the reconstructed story of Sutpen's unvanquishable energy and pride.